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  Post #16 (permalink)   11-30-2005, 01:39 PM
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I have to say that I really hate when I get put through to support that isn't speaking my language as their first.

I don't care at all about race but I want to understand someone and I want them to understand me...

I posted in another thread that I had so many problems with people not understand me and me not understanding them because of the language barrier.

I know I would also favour a company over another if they had local techs (Or national).

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Originally Posted by webchathelp
etched support - i can tell you do not live in the usa or if you do, you have not for a very long time.

People talk and one of the things americans hate, is people who cant speak english. Most of it is pride and arrogance. Goes down to the corner store and nail salon. Our comedians make jokes about it, because its so prevalant.

It is a HUGE issue, and only non-natives see it as no big deal.

I can also tell that english is not your native tounge. You are very well spoken, but a few key areas of your sentence structure tells me you are TRYING to be formal. In fact, what you wrote, has several grammatical errors, which would be exacerbated if that above paragraph was spoken. It sounds stiff and more importantly, a few things would make most (arrogant) americans focus on the error - which means nothing in reality, but our pride wont let it go.

Most americans prefer what is called professional casual conversation. Which is everyday speaking, yet maintaining professionalism. No one wants to feel like they are speaking to a PHD, because most people nowadays are not that highly educated.

Etch i am not criticizing or bashing you, please understand my heart. I am just trying to give you the perspective of someone who grew up in this country and has experienced on many occasion the frustration of someone who doesnt understand me.

Americans are picky - and stubborn - and there is a lot of competition. A bad experience pre or post sale can cost business.

I think indian based companies are great -there is a growing economy over there, and more and more large corps set up shop over there. But they do it for money -plain and simple. But our country has waaaaaay more small businesses - earning less than $5 million a year. The companies you quoted are MAJOR businesses, and do not represent accurately the heart and soul of the USA.

In tech support -when it comes to math, coding, etc where its universal -its not as bad. But all americans HATE DELL AND AOL and many other LARGE companies' customer support. Just ask the consumers (not the sellers) - you will see.


Read this article to see what the real state of outsourced service is:

that article references this site:

take a look at how many have to do with overseas customer service.

For the record, for my web development company I have had several natives of India (as well as russia, dominican republic and germany). They were all GREAT - i mean excellent, designers or coders, but i didn't let them answer the phone unless I had no choice. There are many ways to say the same thing. SO when you combine the fact that the non-native, doesnt understand the question, with the fact that whatever they say will not be clearly understood, you have potential for problems.

English is NOT the problem -its CULTURE that is the problem - you understand the language, but not the people -thus the complaints.

-naw mean, hoss?

-Feel me dawg?

-Like, totatally! Like oh, my, gosh, like get it?

-Dude, yknow?

Now honestly, do you REALLY know the difference between the four questions I asked above?? OR what part of the country those people would be from? What color or age would they be?

Right or wrong, those are probably not concerns to someone overseas, but cultural identity is a big deal in the USA.

I really hope this came off in the right tone, again - i am not bashing you or any indian based company - i am all about working together not tearing apart -and this I know is a sensitive issue.

The English Language= its the worse -lol.
__________________________________________________ ________

Perhaps those companies are compromising even for that "English language" to save cost.

We have grown by 25% in current fiscal year and our 70% customers are from US itself including three 500 Fortune company. Our most of the customers come through word of mouth, this is our reward.

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