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hostemo 12-23-2013 02:42 AM

IP Management Software
Any recomend IP management software?

NocRoom 01-08-2014 10:07 AM

your welcome

MBotelho 01-13-2014 06:08 AM

You can use not only but too for IP management software noclayer.

multiplecloud 01-13-2014 07:19 AM

I second

WWTSLarry 09-10-2016 03:22 PM

Are there any FREE alternatives for IP Management software?

CDNgine 09-11-2016 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by WWTSLarry (Post 194511)
Are there any FREE alternatives for IP Management software?

Nothing good that I have ever come across, especially if you want it to integrate into WHMCS or another billing system.

enomyn 09-12-2016 12:05 AM


Originally Posted by NocRoom (Post 174574)

I tried modules garden, its not really good actually.

greenwebpage 09-12-2016 05:42 AM it is okay for me work good.

lowesthost 09-12-2016 02:03 PM

open source

LicenseStore 09-13-2016 01:14 AM


+1 for, give it a shot.


enomyn 09-13-2016 04:50 AM can intergrate into whmcs? or have to work independently

JSCL 09-14-2016 03:51 AM

The issue with NOCLayer is that it is a dead project.

Modules Garden/EasyDCIM is worth checking out now.

KevinHV 09-24-2016 05:15 AM

We are using gestioip for our servers and work very well. Never heard about but will give a try for this now.

EuroVPS 09-26-2016 06:16 PM

A good Rack / IP system that is not part of the billing system would be racktables. We use this to track everything in the NOC.

Hostbill takes care of the Client services.

valvps 09-26-2016 06:57 PM


+1 for

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