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Maple-Hosting - We Strive To Be The Best, We Care About Your Business, We Believe In Fair Pricing.

(+) Why should you choose us?

» We Strive To Be The Best
» KVM Over IP (IPMI) - Get full control over your server, even if it is offline. You will be able to control the server as if you are physically next to it.
» Control In Your Fingertips - Once you become our customer you earn the privilege of using our Platinum Control Panel. The panel will allow you to reboot your server, reinstall its operating system, see detailed bandwidth graphs and a lot more.
» We Let You Be The Fastest - All of our Dedicated Servers are set-up on a 1 Gbps premium dedicated connectivity port.
» 99% Uptime Guarantee - We guarantee network availability for our internet network in the Dataplace data center to be at least 99% and will compensate customers with refunds of up to 100% of the payment if we are unable to provide such uptime.
» Extensive Pre-Delivery Testing - Each and every server undergoes extensive automated and manual tests before its delivery. This is done to ensure it will perform exactly as we expect it to and will not cause you or your business any trouble.

» We Care About Your Business
» Pro-Mo™ Monitoring - This advanced proactive monitoring service will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Once activated, we will monitor your server 24x7 and in case of downtime, we will proactively resolve the issue - usually before you even know there was one.
» Hardware Redundancy - Redundant Power Supply, Redundant Air Cooling, Redundant Network Providers, Redundant NICs (Network). If anything goes down, your business will stay up and running.
» Your Own Personal Agent - We believe that you deserve a 'guy or girl on the inside' who will personally be there for you when he is needed. He will move mountains for you, if needed, and will make sure everything runs smoothly for you.
» Dedicated Critical Support Team - Most support tickets are important, but some of them are critical. That's why we created a dedicated team that will handle critical downtime issues and resolve it as fast as a team possibly can.

» We Believe In Fair Pricing
» Low Profit Margin Policy - We believe that competitors which offer their services for high prices and insist on implementing high profit margin in these prices are companies which will not be successful in the long run. We believe that customers should be happy with all aspects of their hosting experience including the price and how much they pay for the service.
» Upgrades Already Included - Our Dedicated Servers come with many features and specifications that are considered an upgrade and will usually require additional payment if ordered at some of our competitors' websites. Examples include our 1 Gbps Internet Connectivity, our high amounts of bandwidth, our powerful Platinum Control Panel and more.
» Price Matching On A Daily Basis - If you find a cheaper Dedicated Server at a Netherlands competitor which has been active in the industry for 2 years or more and is known to provide high quality Dedicated Server Hosting services - contact us and we should be able to price match the offer.

(+) What is included in this promotion?
» 50% OFF all Platinum Dedicated Servers including all configurable options (hardware or software upgrades).
» Free Upgrade From Xeon E3-1230 To Xeon E3-1240.
» Free KVM Over IP (IPMI) for all Platinum Dedicated Servers.
Offer Expires: 31/01/2015
The expiration date of this offer may change at our discretion.

(+) How can I get it?
» Get 50% and a free KVM Over IP (IPMI) added to your server by using the following discount code:
» On Top Of That - Get a Xeon E3-1240 at the price of a Xeon E3-1230. Simply order the Xeon E3-1230 (see link below) with the above discount code and we will apply the free upgrade.
Important: These special offers CAN be used together, meaning you can get: Xeon E3-1240 with KVM Over IP (IPMI) for only $74.50.

(+) Dual Core Dedicated Servers <-- Click here for plan Comparison

» i3-530 @2.93 GHz | 2 GB DDR2 | 160 GB SATA II | 20 TB @ Dedicated 1 Gbps | Your Price: Only $42.50 | Configure & Order!

» E7200 @2.53 GHz | 4 GB DDR3 ECC | 500 GB SATA II | 20 TB @ Dedicated 1 Gbps | Your Price: Only $57.50 | Configure & Order!

» Xeon E3-1260L @2.40 GHz | 4 GB DDR3 ECC | 500 GB SATA II | 20 TB @ Dedicated 1 Gbps | Your Price: Only $57.50 | Configure & Order!

(+) Quad Core Dedicated Servers <-- Click here for plan Comparison

» Xeon X3440 @2.53 GHz | 4 GB DDR3 ECC | 500 GB SATA II | 25 TB @ Dedicated 1 Gbps | Your Price: Only $62.50 | Configure & Order!

» Xeon E3-1230 @3.20 GHz | Free Upgrade to E3-1240, Use order link of E3-1240 and we will automatically upgrade you after you complete you order!

» Xeon E3-1240 @3.30 GHz | 8 GB DDR3 ECC | 500 GB SATA II | 25 TB @ Dedicated 1 Gbps | Your Price: Only $74.50 | Configure & Order!

» Xeon E3-1270v3 @3.50 GHz | Out of stock!

(+) Streaming Dedicated Servers <-- Click here for plan Comparison

(+) Reseller Program

Our reseller program is packed with great features that should help your hosting business flourish.

HostingDiscussion users who apply to become our resellers will be upgraded to Tier 2 as soon as you are accepted.
This means you will get recurring discounts from day one.

(+) Special Copyright/DMCA Policy Requirements

Sometimes our customers require a special solution when it comes to the way we handle copyright related notifications and DMCAs.

If you think you are part of that group of customers, please contact us and we will let you know what we can do to help your business.

We have a solution to help such businesses and we are sure you should take the time to contact us and hear about it.

(+) Quick Links
  • Platinum Dedicated Servers - Overview of our amazing Dedicated Server series.
  • Who We Are - And what we are all about.
  • Contact Us - We are always happy to help.
  • Data Center - The Dataplace Data Center in the Netherlands.
  • Our Network - The Global Layer Network.
  • Reseller Program - Great features for you hosting providers out there.
Maple-Hosting - Devout Perfectionists Since 2008.
Netherlands Dedicated Servers & True-Unmetered™ Streaming Servers.

I rate Maple-Hosting 10/10 because the staff and the product are amazing.

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