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whmcsguru 05-09-2016 01:10 PM

Got WHMCS? Got problems? Let me help!

For going on 14 years now, I've been involved with the hosting community in one way or another. From starting out with Linux to my more recent work with WHMCS (since 2006), I'm quite the jack of all trades when it comes to Linux/cPanel/WHMCS and can work wonders.

Understandably, I'm the new guy on the block around here as it were. Don't just take my word for what I say, honestly, check out my feedback. Just don't hate the site. I know it's old (hence the old subdomain), and I need to get working on updating that. it's on the todo list ;)

As my sites are down, for now, do PM me with what you need done. I'll definitely get back with you with a reasonable quote. If you want to use skype, go for it, just make sure you let me know where you're contacting me from, since I tend to reject a lot of skype requests.

Feel free to ask me questions in here if you like, though most conversations should probably be done via PM/Skype!

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