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webgeek 10-20-2016 09:19 PM

Livechat Sales Ready
If your running a hosting business with a Livechat script setup then we can definitely help you.

Simply create a user login for our support team. We will login and stay logged in an service your client needs.
We will help with sales via your Livechat systems. No doubt you will have record of all our texts.

PM for further details.


Alex - A2 Hosting 11-27-2016 12:05 PM

Whilst I am not interesting your offer (we're fully in-house), I wanted to give you some tips as this advert doesn't really tell us anything.

Are you looking for work as an employee/contractor at a web hosting provider? Or do you provide outsourced live chat solutions?

If outsourcing, do you have a website? You need to boost confidence into your clients as essentially, here, you're just saying 'Give me access and I will represent you'. A website can boost trust, show casing your current clients etc

Do you currently work for a web host? I noticed the Company: Webhost Melbourne on your profile. Is this for your live chat outsourcing solution or an actual company offering hosting?

Prices, time of availability, number of agents (all if outsourcing)?

Basically: you need to build trust among your clients. Remaining active here can do that partially. A website showcasing your testimonials etc would go a long way.

I just don't see you getting many (if any) messages about this with the ad in its current form.

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