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Fantastic Social Networking Package

7.99 a month

RMS will be included FREE for a Limited time (value 20 a year)

We will setup your hosting, install the site, make sure RMS is working and if ordered we will also add a facebook module

You can view the live site at the following URL:

(please note this is a live site and not a demo site)

We also have a Facebook Mod available for 20 including install

The site will be fully set up on your own domain and checked to make sure it is working as it should. the site uses the Boonex Dolphin script

Unparalleled Functionality

With 36 included modules and over 2000 incredible features Dolphin is the most capable community software. Period.

Natively Mobile

Dolphin comes with native iPhone, iPad and Android apps that you can re-brand, extend and be proud of.

Complete Control

You reap the benefits of the site that you host, own and control. Dolphin Admin just helps to do it with ease.

Unlimited Potential

With thousands of extensions, languages and templates from BoonEx Market Dolphin knows no bounds.

Facebook Connect Addon 20

Product Description
Allows your members to quickly signup or connect to your site using their facebook credentials.

  1. Prompts for extended permissions to obtain Email Address if member grants permission.
  2. Allows for the selection of 3 possible usernames to avoid user name conflict.
  3. Has built in backup to backup members Facebook id's and module settings.
  4. Facebook ID field added to member profile information. Allows existing accounts to be tied to a Facebook ID.
  5. Existing dolphin accounts will be tied to a Facebook account automatically when logging in with Facebook if the email address used in dolphin matches the email address used with Facebook.
  6. Allows for redirect to different pages on join and logon.
  7. If redirecting on join, cropping tool will be skipped and avatar will be cropped automatically.
  8. Includes a required profile nag page that can be disabled or set to bug member at preset hourly intervals about missing profile fields.
  9. Adds Facebook photo to members profile photos.
  10. Auto friend adding. A list of member id's can be provided that will be automatically added as friends of the newly created account.
  11. Separate email templates for auto activated members and for those requiring confirmation. The sending of these messages are determined by the moderation setting in dolphin as it is with the standard signup procedure.
  12. Pulls the following information from Facebook if available.
    Email Address
    Primary Photo
    Date of Birth
    About Me
    Home Town
    Relationship Status
    Favorite Films
    Favorite Music
    Favorite Books
  13. Country is determined using GeoIP lookup.
  14. Option to disable GeoIP lookup
  15. Option to set default country code if GeoIP lookup is off.
  16. Nickname and password sent to new users via the email templates when account is created.
  17. This is assuming the dolphin email system is working. I have seen a number of cases where it is not working. This is not the fault of facebook connect. It is a problem with your email system.
  18. You can select what Facebook permissions you want Facebook connect to prompt for. NOTE: This option is continually being abused by requesting permissions that are not required by the site, thus this feature will be removed from future versions.
  19. Import of Facebook photo albums.
  20. You can also just have the Facebook info passed to the standard dolphin join form and dolphin can finish the signup process as normal. NOTE: This feature not available on dolphin 7.0.0
  21. Option to set default profile status. Used on join only. Default to Active. Facebook already confirms email addresses when members create facebook accounts. There is no need to do it again in dolphin.
  22. Option to convert unconfirmed accounts to active for accounts that previously joined with facebook connect. This option added to get around problem with the free Deny Unconfirmed mod available in the boonex market.
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