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When I began I mostly worked on the backend and front end so that once I actually began getting customers I would have something of value to offer them. I believe that without a proper foundation, all the marketing efforts you can engage in will be fruitless.

The marketing end is something I really had to work on because I was lacking in that arena and still haven't gotten it perfected. However, when I actually put my brain to work I began coming up with some ideas. You can too, since you have a brain I assume.

There are two basic ways to build a web site. One way is to spend $50,000.00 on a marketing campaign and become popular almost instantly.

For those who can't pull $50,000.00 out of their back pocket there is a little known secret called work. I know it sounds ugly, and not may know about this. You need to start getting creative. You also want to reach people in your nitch, or any nitch you can reach depending on what kind of traffic you are trying to draw.

Here is just one idea:
Ever hear about people who actually earn money with Google Adsense? I'm one of them. It's possible with this secret called work. As I was reading other sites that earn money with Google I found one that showed how he got his site going and the hosting provider he used. Light bulbs began illuminating in my mind. Since I already understand advertising on your own websites, and coupled with the fact I wanted to start another blog this was perfect.

Today I wore several more spots off my keyboard. I set up a new domain, installed a blog and put up almost 50 pages. Now this may seem very fast, but the fact is I already had most of those articles written on another blog I ran on a sub domain that I wanted to move. I don't advise sitting down and writing 50 articles in a day, I can almost guarantee you that quaility will not be part of what you end up with. I may have actually written 4 or 5 today and this is a subject I'm in love with and have been involved with for about 40 years.

This is the key, find something not only you are in love with, but can reach a nitch with it and you are GOOD at it. Use it to promote your web hosting services. Don't go overboard, but get some links in there.

Many people want to park their behind at home behind the comfort of their laptop and watch money roll into their mailbox. If you can educate people on how to do this, guess how many will use your hosting service when they need a blog? I don't know either, but it's bound to bring some.

The keyword here is the secret I mentioned before, "work." Make your articles meaningful and valuable to your readers. You want to gather a crowd. Guess how many other people your visitors know? I don't know either, but you get the idea.

I had a guy recently that I know here I've worked with in another line of work for about 13 years. He had talked to me in the past about web hosting for his new business. It had been some time since I talked to him about web hosting so I figured I would give him a clue. When I called him on the phone I told him the best thing to do is just to get it set up and I would help him through the rest. He asked if he could come to my office and bring his laptop, so I agreed. Did it take some time? Yes it did. But now I have another customer that pays yearly. You want as many of them as you can get. It comes by doing what? "work" I know it's an ugly word, but the more of it you can do, I believe will bring you success.
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