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AKLWEB Host 06-17-2017 09:50 PM

How To Make Backlinks For Website?
Does anyone here to know how to make back-links for website?

robert4u 06-18-2017 09:14 PM

There are many ways, this question is already asked many times. You can make backlinks through blogs, article writing, forums and directories.

Keep in mind you have to make good backlinks, bad backlinks can cause the negative effect. Also it is very hard job start learning seo from today.

24x7server 06-19-2017 12:50 AM

Check this guide, everything is mentioned there. :)

RH-Calvin 06-20-2017 09:51 AM

Backlinks for a website can be built using various off page seo techniques. Some of the most effective off page techniques are:

Guest posting
Article submission
Press release submission
Social bookmarks
Classified ads
Infographics submission
Social media optimization

Rocketrix 06-25-2017 10:48 PM

When you come to the process of building back links you should put in your mind the place (eg website) and the content which you will write (eg topics) should be releated to your Website activities.

Also it should not be copied or even have some grammatical mistakes.

Don't spam your website links around the web it will get you down not up.

zomex 06-26-2017 06:55 AM

Some forums can also be used to generate backlinks, just check to ensure that they aren't nofollow links.

susansee 06-27-2017 11:08 AM

Start a blog about a topic that really interests you. Post a link to the blog on social media, forums, directories and sites like

hynds 07-03-2017 09:51 PM

I would like to share here a list of link building techniques which still work in 2017:
- Guest posts is still an effective technique. But you should do it right, create and maintain relationships with industry news sources and blogs, produce high-quality content and make sure that you link back to your site in a useful and relevant way;
- Blogging, which is a unique way for a company to engage their audience , attract links and achieve higher organic rankings;
- Infographics;
- Directories link building technique still works, but you need to be mindful with how to approach it. Directory link building requires judgement and critical thinking! so do not be tempted by low-quality directories, they will cause you more damage than good.
- Asking for links is still an original and trusted technique that still works.

I hope this helps.

SakamHost 07-04-2017 08:12 AM

Best way is to start a blog and use some niches to make it more active, make some videos, then when you get alot traffic you can link your hosting site or website.

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