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UnixGuru Hosting
Provider of Super Fast, Super Stable, Super Secure, Super Scalable shared hosting.
DDoS Protected Shared & Reseller LiteSpeed Hosting on Cloud Linux Servers
BitNinja Security & Comodo Web Application Firewall (for LiteSpeed)

All accounts are fully featured and come with:-

LiteSpeed Hosting
  • Between 400% and 4000% faster than Apache, depending on the workload type.
  • LiteSpeed Cache, switch on/off in your .htaccess file to create blisteringly fast websites
  • LiteMage Cache, the world's fastest Magento Caching system, 20 x Faster than NGINX with Turpentine (Varnish)
  • LSCWP, the fastest Wordpress cache for shared hosting
  • Extra built-in security & anti-DDoS features

Geolocalised IPs for 13 European Countries:
  • Belgium
  • Britain/United Kingdom
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain

IPs are advertised in all regional PoPs.

Geographically Dispersed DNS Servers
8 x Fully DDoS Protected Nameservers, in different DCs
  • Gravelines DC (France)
  • Strasbourg DC (France)
  • Warsaw DC (Poland)
  • Beauharnois DC (Canada)
  • London DC (UK)
  • Limburg DC (Germany)
  • Singapore DC (Singapore)
  • Sydney DC (Australia)

Use them as a single cluster by default, or chop and change as you like

Reseller Hosting

All reseller account come with a dedicated IP address

Reseller Hosting Pricing Plans

Reseller accounts are white-labelled, so your customers will not know they are hosted with us unless you tell them.
  • Starter Reseller - 9.99/month
    • 10 Domains
    • 10GB Disk Space
    • 100GB Bandwidth
    • 1 Dedicated IP Address Only
  • Standard Reseller - 19.99/month
    • 100 Domains
    • 50 C'Panel Users
    • 50GB Disk Space
    • 1000GB Bandwidth
    • 1 Dedicated IP Address (more can be purchased)

Advanced & Ultimate Reseller accounts also include:
  • 1 x IP in each of the above 13 European zones (described above), available in a single reseller account.
  • 24 x Extra UK IPs in separate Class C (/24) networks
  • 10 x Extra German IPs in separate Class C (/24) networks
  • 7 x Extra Finnish IPs in separate Class C (/24) networks
  • 3 x Extra French IPs in separate Class C (/24) networks
  • 1 x Extra Polish IPs in a separate Class C (/24) network

More than 50 IPs to choose from!

This allows you to resell hosting in any of these regions and provide a "local" IP Address.
Our fast European network means that any IP responds quickly across Europe as all
  • Advanced Reseller - 29.99/month
    • 100 Domains
    • 100 C'Panel Users
    • 100GB Disk Space
    • 1000GB Bandwidth
    • 1 Dedicated IP Address, 50+ IPs from Separate Class C networks including 13 EU Zones
  • Ultimate Reseller - 39.99/month
    • Unlimited Domains
    • 200 C'Panel Users
    • 100GB Disk
    • 2000GB Bandwidth
    • 1 Dedicated IP Address, 50+ IPs from Separate Class C networks including 13 EU Zones

System Software

Modern CLLMPP Stack (CloudLinux/LiteSpeed/MariaDB & PHP/Perl)
  • CloudLinux release 7.4 (Georgy Grechko)
  • LiteSpeed 5.2.4 Enterprise (Apache compatible drop in replacement)
  • PHP 7.0.27-4 (Default)
  • MariaDB 10.2.13
  • Exim 4.90 with UG SpamBuster v3.14.2

Large variety of security hardened PHP
  • PHP 7.2.2-1
  • PHP 7.1.14-1
  • PHP 7.0.27-4
  • PHP 5.6.33-4
  • PHP 5.5.38-34
  • PHP 5.4.45-53
  • PHP 5.3.29-73
  • PHP 5.2.17-116
  • PHP 5.1.6-88
  • PHP 4.4.9-76

Selectable Hardened PHP Versions (per user)

R1Soft Continuous Data Protection
  • Snapshots are taken every hour
  • Hourly archives retained for 24 hours
  • Daily archives retained for 31 days
  • Weekly archives retained for 1 month
  • Monthly archives retained for 3 months

Backups can be accessed from the control panel to restore back to any archive.

Discount Code
  • Get 99% Off Your First Month
    • Code: 99%OFFMONTH1
  • Get 25% Off Your First Year
    • Code: 25%OFFYEAR1

  • Immediate Provisioning on receipt of payment via PayPal, Major Credit-Cards, BitCoin
  • Prices do not include the payment gateway fees
[color=red]█ Cloud Consultants

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