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  Post #1 (permalink)   11-17-2008, 05:33 PM
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We are members of ‘Revolution Gaming’ , a gaming clan that’s been around for quite a while now. We are a US based clan but have members from all over the world. Our clan was founded a few years ago, when the online gaming scene was just getting settled. A couple of friends started the first chapter of our clan, known as ‘eleet’. Back in those days, everybody played cod, so we chose this as our primary game. The main rule in our clan? Having fun! But before we knew it we were getting valuable lessons in clan management. After a while we surrounded ourselves with a ‘behind the scenes’ technical crew (website and servers), and a trusted group of clan managers. With the help of our crew, we could quickly become one of USA's top clans, and we easily dominated on ladders such as We have an expert team with 20+ members that are EXTEMELY active, all we need is your help.

As years passed, a few of our players went on to play COD4. They grouped themselves in a smaller, but talented clan. Maybe they didn’t compete on their old level, but still they gathered lots of in-game experience and talent. After a while, COD1-4 had no secrets for us anymore…

Lately we’ve had a few brainstorming sessions, and we got to consensus that it’s time to use our talent and experience, and take our clan to the next level of gaming, Call of Duty Series 2-5 except 3. A team of players of the old days have been practicing like hell these last weeks, and the only thing we need to get started now is a little push in the back! And what better place to ask then here. We have lost our old partners and sponsors, because of a few months of hibernation, so we’re searching for reliable people, which would like to offer us a sponsorship deal:

Website hosting: Our previous sponsors have decided to move on due to our previous clan decision to move on and we thought we no longer needed a website. Anyhow we are interested in a server similar to the design of and would greatly appreciate it since our current provider has failed to meet our request. A domain such as www . revolutiongaming . net would be greatly appreciated.

Game Server hosting: Like every clan that takes itself seriously, we need a server! A server to practice, to play clan wars, or just to chill out and have fun. Again, you make the terms. Feel free to offer us anything! We’re also very enthusiastic about the server messages system which will display ads if you decide to sponsor us. We play cod2, 4 and 5 so any 16+ slot server in these will do.

Ventrillo hosting: A (small) vent server is another thing we really need. In-game chatting slows down game play, get’s you out of your focus, and just doesn’t work! This server doesn’t need to be that big, 10 slots will be just perfect .

What we have to offer:
What we can do for your company is advertise everywhere, in our channel greeting on irc, league pages, LAN events, and website etc. We will help you with more traffic on your website. We will put your banner or picture on our site(if it is created) so that when people click on it, it will redirect them to your website and get the people interested in what you can provide! Another great thing about being a multi-gaming community is that we have many team members. If your company can fully sponsor our team, you will have numerous clients that will look to you for a sponsorship. We help all our current sponsors with sales! I can also get them involved with your website and forums. We are also fully sponsored by a movie production company, we would also be able to create a small commercial for your company of our teams fragging on your servers. We can offer many more things at your own convenience.

And that’s it. I hope to quickly get in touch with some nice people on this way, so that our gaming fun can help grow your company!


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Hi there email sales <at> about ventrilo hosting.
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