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Good evening,
Thanks for reading my post,
I am Adrian401 the Owner of the Trinity (Company - not registered). We currently have to games.

Number 1 is - - this is a : Free Massive Multiplayer Online Game where you need a browser

and an internet connection in order to play!
# Register, Sign up, create your world and begin to create an empire!
# Make Mine Metal, Crystal and Deuterium. Search sources of energy!
# Create your Alliance! Fight your enemies, exchange resources !
# Make your Empire, colonize other planets, build a big fleet, join forces with friends and conquer the universd
# Be the Supreme Commander of Trinity!
# Extra: Battle Simulator, Ship Recyclator, Intergalactic Market, Alliance Diplomacy, Officers and shop, Bank, Records, Lottery, Support

As you see it works verry , verry slow because of our webhost.. we are looking for a dedicates or vps or a good webhosting

sponsorship to host it.

Number 2 is : - this is more interesting - it is a private server - 3D mmorpg - we already earn

some money from it but I run it on my PC and I need to stop it some times. If someone can sponsorship us with a dedicated (4gb of

ram, it must be dedicated because we use vmware and vmware dose not work on VPS because VPS windows work on vmware on a

big dedicated and the 2 vmware crash each other and the VPS restarts )
Game description:Cabal Online is a free-of-charge, 3D massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Although

Cabal Online is free-of-charge, the game has a "Cash Shop" which allows players to purchase game enhancements and useful ingame

items using real currency.

The game takes place in a mythical world known as Nevareth, which was destroyed by an evil entity known as the CABAL. Out of the

survivors, seven "Masters" rose up, each wielding the abilities of the "Force Power". These masters taught the people, and Nevareth

was rebuilt. Years later, the CABAL is plotting a return to power, and the characters of the game take up the role of heroes who battle

the CABAL uprising and conspiracy.

Our private server has the following features:

.::R3bellion Cabal ::..::The Rebellion Has Just Begun::.
Exp: 500x
Skill : 500x
Craft : 500x
Drop : 10x
.:NewMobs : 50x:.(HOT)
Item : 2 Drops
.:SocksDrop : 20x Anniversary itemX10:.(HOT)
New Monsters Have Been Added On The Server
Bloody Ice - Single Snowmen's and Couple Snow Men's - Green Socks drop - normal mobs drop White Socks
Desert Scream - Jack lantern - Green Socks drop - normal mobs drop White Socks
Green Despair - Charisma panda - Green Socks drop - normal mobs drop White Socks
Port Lux - Charisma panda - Green Socks drop - normal mobs drop White Socks
Fort Ruina - Green Socks drop
Undead Ground - Single Snowmen - Blue Socks drop - Normal mobs drop Green Socks
Forgotten Ruin - Jack Lantern - Blue Socks drop - Normal mobs drop Green Socks
Lake Side - Green Socks and Blue Socks Mutant Forest - Blue Socks
Pontus Ferrum - Crafted Mithril drops
Anniversary items in every town and dungeon
::Succes:: rate for +1...+7 items when you make them with UCL, UCM or UCH has been increased almost 3 times. ..::Green

Despair::.. Dummyes Have Been Deleted - Now 15 Death Fog's can be found there trying to kill the new players of R3bell Cabal
Fully working website Shop
..::Anniversary item::.. has been added to dungeons.
RS, b1f, b2f and SOD are having Anniversary item drops from now on
.:Join Us:.
...:::We Are Here To Stay, You Are Here To Play:::...

Anniversary items in all towns
A new costumized client
Guild Creation costs 5.000.000 alz now
INT/STR/DEX Extract drops have been replaced because when you take 2 potions from drops you get DC
Succes rate of all upgrade corest has been increased
Alz rate has been increased
Captcha added(After you login you must insert a code from an image to acces chanel)
You can reset your character from the website at lvl 165 for 2kk
You can choose your nation from website for 1kk and enter TierraGloriosa at lvl 95
You can buy for every char type armour and weapons of amp. ,+7,4 filled slots from our website ( 100CabalCash=1 USD - pay by

paypal,moneybookers,phone )
Some website desing modification (the cursors, server time, forum cursor)

I can present you a 3rd project... but we haven't finished it because we advertised on a rong forum and there are thousends of

user and posts wich are bot from **** website.I dont know what my advertisers do but.... the forum is verry nice and the design also

and also if we had a good hosting we would improve it.


bookers. We accept payment from our players by: paypal, money bookers and NEW by phone .

Also we will post your banners on our website and advertise all your projects and help our sponsors as much as we can.

And we can talk about many other things we may have or you may want. If you can help us with anything from hosting to donating

(and you will be posted on our lists, forums and you will get you money back) ... please contact me by email/msn/ym =

We hope to make a big team , a big network and even more, we have a big feature a head we only need a start and you will remain

in the history of internet as our fondator.

The R3bellion Has Just Begun - Join the R3vollution
For the Greater Good You are here to play We are here to stay

All regards,
Adrian401 Thanks again for reading
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