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dweiruk 01-31-2011 10:02 AM

Sponsered VPS
Hi their I am looking for a sponsered vps with the following
  • Direct admin or plesk
  • cpanel can be done if thats all you offer
  • I need a script installer

I have got a free rv sitebuilder lience for sponsership

I can only provide you with what my site has used so far for this month in graph's as their is a issue with our main cpanel vps at present will be the site I can do a link back to you and do reviews for you

I wont allow any warez or irc based stuff or nulled scripts we check the stuff daily like logs to see if their is any spam or that

I am sponsered with at present but we need a other vps ie with da as I am getting a lot of requests through email for hosting I use the hosting tool at present for billing its post2host or free based hosting I only offer resellers on request but they cant do paid hosting and they need to put a link back to us and the correct vps

we get
Total (all services) 109.15 Meg about at present thats for this month only so far for your ref avstats is not loading at present for me

dweiruk 04-11-2011 04:22 PM

can I get this thread locked as I am no longer looking for a other vps well that kind of vps

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