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  Post #1 (permalink)   05-10-2005, 01:56 AM
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Hi guys!

I've been lurking on these boards for a while now looking for a suitable designer for an upcoming web hosting and design billing and support management system named MTBill which I have been working on, both researching and programming, for over a year now. The system is now coming to its closing stages, and all I really need to pull everything together now is a web designer. MTBill has great potential, and so do YOU!

Now, before I get down to just a few of the reasons why designers should take interest in MTBill, I'll list the requirements of the chosen designer so you can decide if you wish to read on

  • Must be over the age of 18 and have a photo ID and fax machine for signing and sending contracts
  • Must be able to accept payments via Western Union, International Bank Transfer or International Cheque (UK)
  • Must be able to provide a portfolio of work
  • Must have lots of free time and be prepared to work between Monday 9th May and late June / mid July time
  • Must be able to design a logo for web and print purposes
  • Must be able to do high quality, clean and professional templates
  • Must be able to create professional flash-based headers with animation and buttons
  • Must be able to create vBulletin (3.x) skins
  • Must be able to create headings and buttons with rollovers
  • Must be able to create 3D icons such as those seen in MacOS X

Exciting Features
MTBill will include many innovations and exciting features often talked about and vaguely implemented by our competitors, and take them to the next level of integration and flexibility. Just a couple of these are listed below.
  • Web Design Ordering and Billing
    MTBill will feature a fantastic web design interface. It will allow an order form to be created in such a way that the customer can select different features of their web site design, number of revisions, etc. It will also support several billing methods, such as the popular downpayment and payment on completion method used by many small web design firms, as well as the creation of timesheets and contract work. The system will allow for one or more designers to be assigned to each customer or project and will give the designer(s) and customer a simple method of communication, including a system allowing the customer to purchas extra revisions, view current and past versions, and will even remove the watermark from graphics upon payment! This system can also be configured to work perfectly for consultancy services.
  • Device Manager
    The device manager, vaguely touched on by some of the competition, will allow any and all of the servers maintained by a firm to be monitored from within MTBill, and reports and failure notices to be sent to the relevant system administrators. It will also feature the facility to send uptime reports and other information to relevant customers on each server, and will be able to advise staff of any due refunds due to failure to meet any uptime guarantee you may have configured.
  • Support Center
    Gone are the days where you have to cash out hundreds of dollars on a billing system, and then again on a support system when you realise that your billing system's built in system just isn't acceptable! No, these are the days of a fully integrated package, allowing you to maintain everything from within one easy-to-use and affordable package. MTBill's support center facilities will allow you to handle support tickets, a knowledge base, downloads, news and announcements and trouble shooters from within MTBill. It will also support integration of third party live support packages. Other fantastic features provided by the support centre include the ability to limit access to different departments and features depending on the product that a customer has, or indeed whether or not the visitor is already a customer or is a potential one, meaning you no longer have to operate two separate support systems for current and potential customers!
  • True Multi-Currency Support
    Another area currently being touched on but not fully grasped by the competition is multi-currency support! MTBill will support many different currencies, and even the option to automatically download currency information and automatically use a psycological pricing method to update your product pricing.
  • Full Tax Support
    How fustrating are taxes with your current billing system? Are you looking for a solution that provides full per-product, per-region, per-country tax management system without being overwhelmingly complicated and impossible to grasp? You've come to the right place, step onboard the MTBill train!
  • Multiple Order Wizards and Order APIs
    Another area that the competition just can't get its head around. Some software offers the perfect ordering system for you, some offers the perfect ordering solution for someone else. But how many offer the perfect ordering solution for everyone? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Why can't we have MULTIPLE order solutions to choose from? We can, and we will! MTBill will include two different Order Wizards. The Step-by-Step Wizard and the Shopping Cart Wizard. It's simple: With a step by step wizard, your visitors simply follow the steps to choose their domain/package and addons, sign up for an account or login to an existing one, and pay the bill; while with the shopping cart wizard, your visitors can select any quantity and combination of packages and addons before loging in or signing up and paying their bill, a fantastic option for companies who know they get a lot of large orders, such as dedicated servers that offer reseller options. The choices are endless! And to top it off, if our style doesn't suit you, you can write your own order wizard using the Step-by-Step API or the Shopping Cart API. Unlike some of our ompetitors, these APIs handle the whole process, they don't stop and redirect your customers to our order wizards half way through!
  • Widgets and Modules
    MTBill is developing two new APIs allowing third parties to develop their own "widgets" and "modules" for MTBill! A widget is a script which plugs into MTBill to extend its functionality in some way. For example, we will be offering (freely to all customers) various features that we feel only a minority of customers will use, such as the web design widget and the device manager. Modules will extend the automation features offered by MTBill. The different module types will be control panel, payment gateway, domain registrars, forum systems, fraud prevention systems, etc. This will allow you to only use the modules you need, and not have to browse through huge lists of modules you'll never use just to set something up. Modules and widgets will be downloaded, installed, updated and supported separately from the main MTBill package, making it easier for you to get what you need and easier for us to provide a more efficient service to our customers!

Other Features
Some other features you should think about are listed below:
  • Invoice or Recurring Billing Support
  • Anniversary or Pro-Rated Billing Support
  • Bandwidth and Overage Billing Support
  • Late Fee Billing Support
  • Automatic Creation, Suspension, Unsuspending and Termination of Accounts
  • 100% Skin and Language Compatible
  • PHP4/5 and MySQL 3/4 Compatible
  • Downloadable or Hosted Versions
  • Will be Available for as Little as $119.99 or $13.99 per month from the end of July!!!

So, if you're a web designer looking for a FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY and you think you have what it takes to contribute to the future of Web Hosting and Design Billing and Support Management, drop me a line at today and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with more information!

Hurry, the first designer who meets our requirements and agrees to our proposals will be taken. Don't miss out!

Thank you !

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