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Many people who decide to go for a virtual private server (vps) end up disappointed either because their VPS’s resources were not being used efficiently or simply because they ran out of resources! In both cases, VPS was not what they needed. In the following article I am listing the top 5 common questions about VPS Hosting that someone should consider before making the decision to go for it.

1. Do you need SSH/Root access?

From my experience at Netshop‘s Technical Support, this is one of the main reasons why webmasters and companies swift from a shared web hosting plan to a VPS Hosting plan. Since no hosting company is going to let you customize and modify the server if you have a shared hosting plan, you’re out of luck unless you want a dedicated server. A VPS can be the solution in the middle since your site will be separated from other customers, and you will be allowed to customize and tweak your server with the tools you need to run your site the way you want.

2. Do you expect to grow? Scalability Consideration

Shared Web hosting is usually preferred by those who are just starting off an online website or blog. The resources that your website will need are usually served sufficiently and the managed support from the hosting company will help you on any server-side issues. However, the goal of a website is to grow. Even if growth is an increase in traffic or a more complicated website with more pages and scripts, it is a matter that have an impact on your web hosting account. Whether your site is a blog, portfolio or an e-commerce hub, a VPS can give you the space your site needs.

3. Do you expect “traffic spikes”?

Links to your web site from other like Twitter, Facebook, Digg or even your friend’s high-flying forum can paralyze your website as the shared resources assigned to your hosting account will not be able to manage the traffic overload. A VPS, however, can stand up to extraordinary traffic events, basically because of the “burstable memory”. Burstable memory or Burstable RAM is basically a pool of memory to call on when needed, such as during a traffic spike. You may read more about Burstable RAM in this article.
4. Are you planning to set up an E-Commerce site?

When you are using shared web hosting, the server’s resources are shared, equally, between you and the other shared hosting customers on the server. If your website is a source of income to you, then you definitely want a stable and reliable server to host your website . A Virtual Private Server can guarantee a significant amount of reliability, uptime and dedication of resources to your web site as you will not rely on the same resources as others on the same machine.

5. Do you want to save money? VPS is an affordable option!

Before the introduction of VPS Hosting in the Web Hosting industry, customers had to choose between shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting. Apart from the advantages we listed above, a VPS is also very affordable. With VPS Hosting you can get many of the best features of dedicated hosting at a very reasonable price.
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If you think you need some thing more then VPS platform then you might go with some other option.

Because over loading the VPS platform is not the solution to everything, and I guess all the VPS comes with mentioned features
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