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  Post #46 (permalink)   05-17-2016, 04:02 AM
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Open vz and xen
OPen VZ- It is Software based virtualizsed technology.
Plan upgrades applied live without reboots ,
Easy setup of network/disk
No resource constraints
Lighter utilization
Supports only linux operating system

Xen VPs Hardware based virtualization
Highly configured
supports linux and windows
you cant oversell resources
Rescue Mode and Xen console for access
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  Post #47 (permalink)   05-18-2016, 04:32 AM
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OpenVZ because it's more reliable and stable then Xen
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  Post #48 (permalink)   06-06-2016, 08:55 PM
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Both of them are good ones. They just have pretty different uses.

OpenVZ has a shared kernel, while KVM/XEN VPS have an isolated kernel. Both have pros and cons.

I'm a fan of OpenVZ due to its backup safety and performance. But if you plan to have a custom kernel, you should definately go for XEN or KVM.

Why you should choose OpenVZ vps Hosting ?

* Better performance
* Ideal for those who use CentOS and/or cPanel
* Very easier to generate/manage backups

Why to choose KVM/XEN ?

* Isolated kernel.
* Compatible with ANY operating system. Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
* Possible to upgrade the kernel freely.

Why NOT to choose OpenVZ VPS Hosting ?

* Poor compatibility with Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
* Doesn't support Kernel upgrades for most of the linux distros (because the kernel is shared)

Why NOT to choose KVM/XEN ?

* Their backup system is complex. Many handwork is necessary to keep track of it.
* They work based in LVM only (in the hardware node)
* Poor performance if compared to OpenVZ

  Post #49 (permalink)   08-24-2016, 03:46 AM
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OpenVZ is good for Beginner Hosting Companies less tinkering required

  Post #50 (permalink)   09-06-2016, 01:59 AM
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For me personaly i like OpenVZ

  Post #51 (permalink)   09-24-2016, 12:37 AM
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XEN is better, as it is full virtualisation, you can install any O/S on it VM.

OpenVZ is host base virtualizaion. You can only run on LInux.
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  Post #52 (permalink)   10-13-2016, 11:48 PM
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In terms of kernel:
OpenVZ uses a single patched Linux kernel and so it can run only Linux on it. The VPS on this virtualization is called containerand they all share the same architecture and kernel version.

Xen on the other hand does provide you a feature to have your own kernel inside the VM, making it better than OpenVZ virtualization.

Xen has its own advantages and OpenVZ has its own. VPS isolation is the main factor that keeps Xen on top compared to OpenVZ.
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  Post #53 (permalink)   10-17-2016, 08:53 AM
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OpenVZ is more efficient, from a memory usage perspective, than Xen, because the host kernel is shared across all guests.
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