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  Post #1 (permalink)   09-28-2016, 01:39 AM
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Personally I prefer Xen, because for the suppliers and customers it is acceptable compromise. openvz oversold too much, kvm, etc. to see RP, these twoare not suitable for webmaster who do not want to toss.All right,Let’s move on the difference among them virtual technology creating vps.
OpenVZ is operating system-level virtualization technology.Generally means better performance. However, OpenVZ is more flexible configuration set up,which give opportunity that the provider down configuration they marked to black-heart providers.
Advantages: This type of vps is best seller.Licenses are large memory.CPU is also strong, and many sellers, comparability is also very strong.
Disadvantages:Oversold lead to all kinds of stone plate, diamond plate. The associated cpu also lead to over-segmentation performance not as good as its marked appreciation 1/10. Then The memory relied on OpenVZ technology is not exclusive, are shared,others much less you, and the biggest disadvantage is that the server will be down,when the memory is low. Lastly There are a variety of inconvenient to open vpn .
Xen is a paravirtualization technology,.it is not a true virtual machine, but the equivalent of their own to run a kernel instance, free to load the kernel module, virtual memory, and IO, stable and predictable. It part Xen + pv + and Xen + hvm.Only difference is the pv supporting linux, but hvm win support systems.
Advantage: Memory exclusive, a small but guaranteed it assigned to.Part of the virtual technology determine the type of vpbs wont be far oversold which rarely result to stone plate. In addition, Although the memory is low,it will not crash
Disadvantages:compared with the same price and openvz,memory small, hard, small bandwidth.Because of not oversold, in order to make money,only isthree basic configurations dropped down. There is a supplier of defective arrhythmia.Remember pv performance is actually better than the hvm.
Advantages: kvm is completely virtual, so all the kvm + -type class virtualization technology can be fitted with various linux distros and all kinds of win release.
Disadvantages:because kvm can hold any type of operating system, leading to even toss in ram 128m sever equipped with a win2003 (+ directly go after all the cpu and memory are used for hard disk IO, and do not understand why these people want to be ‘God horse’ ). The result is that all the neighbors who have kvm see your neighbors face. To say, if you have four or five ‘God horse’ neighbors.I'm sorry, your hard drive is basically a stone plate

  Post #2 (permalink)   10-05-2016, 06:52 AM
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I opt for KVM. and I like OpenVZ due to its lightweight. If you just need linux VM , whats wrong with OpenVZ ?
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  Post #3 (permalink)   10-10-2016, 01:16 AM
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Nothing is wrong with any of those virtualization technologies, its just a matter of preference, what applications you want to host, what will be your utilization and all those stuffs.

I have worked on all these 3 technologies. They all have their own type of advantages and disadvantages. I personally prefer KVM because of its architecture. It does provide isolation and resources are dedicated to it.

With a little bit of proper optimization of the VPS and installation of drivers, KVM VPS works great...
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  Post #4 (permalink)   11-14-2016, 07:38 PM
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well a common practice to choose a technology is how familiar you are with it. If you are familiar with XEN and all its administration techniques then go with it as your post shows that you already have been working with it.

Its just that you need to keep updated yourself with the technology updates as they goes.

  Post #5 (permalink)   11-15-2016, 05:01 PM
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I personally prefer KVM, but all three are viable platforms.
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  Post #6 (permalink)   11-18-2016, 11:56 AM
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I've used OpenVZ in past but not using it anymore due to it's limitation for not being able to offer Windows VPS

But I use XEN as well as KVM, XEN mostly for internal and legacy services and KVM for all new customers

KVM is working perfectly without any issues

  Post #7 (permalink)   11-18-2016, 11:45 PM
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OpenVZ is container-based virtualization or operating system level virtualization platform for linux, It is more flexible and provides users with speed and scalability at an affordable price. You can only run linux operating systems in OpenVZ VPS, and you cannot make any kernel level modifications inside the VPS.

In OenVZ we can oversell the resources to when a VPS does need all its memory. It will allow the VPS to access its assigned amount of ram.

XEN is a para-virtualization technology and it is bare metal hypervisor,
which makes it capable of running multiple instances of virtual machines on single host. Xen supports both Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) and Paravirtualization (PV) in the hypervisor. We can run both Linux and Windows operating systems on Xen.

Xen can securely execute multiple virtual machines, each running its own OS on a single physical system, with close-to-native performance and xen cannot be oversell the resources on host node.

KVM is fully hardware based virtulization module for the linux kernal. KVM requires that the host node has private hardware virtualization extensions like network card, disk and graphics adopter and it doesn't support resources overselling.

I personally recommend you to go with XEN virtualization.

  Post #8 (permalink)   01-21-2017, 06:55 PM
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Ive been using OpenVZ and so far i love it.
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  Post #9 (permalink)   02-16-2017, 03:48 PM
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the best is openz fast and easy to use but windows system is not supported ....if you need windows you can use virtuzzo
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  Post #10 (permalink)   02-16-2017, 09:42 PM
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I always prefer KVM over the alternatives. The fact that is a fully dedicated virtual machine wins over the other flaws it might have such as limited scalability or larger overhead.

  Post #11 (permalink)   02-17-2017, 09:11 AM
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The choices are completely depend on your need, as if you need extra care and lag free server , go with kvm platform . Because openvz vps will share same resources on a node . so if you haven't used your ram for example , the same can be used by another VM on the same node. But this will not happen in KVM vps . As your resources is for you only.

  Post #12 (permalink)   02-18-2017, 05:10 AM
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I was fan of Xen but moved to KVM because of it was create lots of issue. Every hosting company want to earn profit and most of people look for "affordable" VPS.

At affordable price, You can't get gem.

OpenVZ/KVM is good for overselling. Xen is premium type virtualization which does not allow you to oversell anything and If you will use any technique then your server will be keep crashing, etc.
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  Post #13 (permalink)   02-19-2017, 06:29 AM
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As per my Experience, KVM Virtualization is the best to work with as compared to openvz and XEN because openvz has shared resources and its get oversell which cause the performance issue, and XEN is good no doubt but the problem with XEN is basically the availability of online tutorial for setups n all.
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  Post #14 (permalink)   02-21-2017, 12:22 AM
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Now a days KVM is best, in past OpenVZ market captured by XEN and now XEN market captured by KVM because of performance.
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  Post #15 (permalink)   02-27-2017, 11:25 PM
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I personally prefer KVM, but all three are viable platforms.
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