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02-18-2003 until 03-21-2025
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The following rules are in effect for the VPS Hosting Offers marketplace forum.

  • All members are limited to 1 (one) advertising thread per 7 (seven) days. It means that you cannot start another thread until this time passes.
  • Thread bumping is NOT allowed, unless new information is added.

We thank you for your cooperation.


To post in the VPS Hosting Offers forum, you must have been a member for 10 days and have a total of 15 posts made in these forum sections: Web Hosting Forums, Operating a Web Hosting Business.

Posts in other forums do not count toward the total number of posts made.

This rule excludes these Marketplace forums:
- Web Hosting Requests
- Sponsored Web Hosting Requests
- Products/Services Offers & Requests (and its sub-forums)
- Employment Opportunities
- News & PR