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  Post #1 (permalink)   11-06-2016, 10:22 AM
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Can anyone explain the procedure of virtualization for KVM and OpenVZ Technologies?
Which one is better?

  Post #2 (permalink)   11-06-2016, 02:36 PM
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KVM is full virtualization where as OpenVZ is paravirtualization.

It really just depends on what you're wanting to do. OpenVZ is ok for what it is.

How you set them up is somewhat similar - installing CentOS/RHEL, installing some RPMs, rebooting. Some configuration depending on what control panel if any.
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There really is no definitive answer for which is better. Like Mike said, this depends on what you're attempting to accomplish.
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Originally Posted by saiefmahmud View Post
Can anyone explain the procedure of virtualization for KVM and OpenVZ Technologies?
Which one is better?
It all depends what your looking for. KVM you have dedicated resources like a dedicated server

Openvz is more like a virtual machine

You have slightly more control over a KVM because you can set time and time zones within your vps. Openvz you use the main servers time

What are you planning to run on it?
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  Post #5 (permalink)   11-10-2016, 10:46 PM
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I will say KVM as it is the best I have seen and managed.

  Post #6 (permalink)   11-23-2016, 02:46 AM
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Originally Posted by saiefmahmud View Post
Can anyone explain the procedure of virtualization for KVM and OpenVZ Technologies?
Which one is better?
KVM is what is call full virtualisation where openVZ is more like a container,

Which one is better? it really depend what you looking for, If you need to install for example kernel module or need windows go for KVM has VZ does not over those,

openVZ does offer better performance then KVM has there is a single copy of the operating system running (the one running node) however its less ''isolated'' then what KVM or similar solution offer.
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The main difference between the KVM and OpenVZ is that KVM will be like a bare metal server where you can have your separate kernel installed, however, in OpenVZ, you have no provision of having kernel installed, OpenVZ node kernel is shared across all the contains (OpenVZ VPS).

OpenVZ shares the resources, however, KVM has dedicated resource allocation, so whatever is provided to you is yours.

In KVM, you can have Windows installed too, and on the other hand OpenVZ you can only have Linux Distros on it.
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  Post #8 (permalink)   11-24-2016, 12:05 AM
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For most people who are hosting websites an OpenVZ serer is probably best, especially if your are not too hardware savvy.

Your host can change CPU (cores and %), RAM, Swap & Disk that your VPS has on the fly without any downtime should you need to upgrade or downgrade. (No reboot, no downtime).

OpenVZ can host many many OSs with virtually no overhead, each KVM server needs more memory to achieve the same thing as it will have it's own Kernel and Kernel space.

OpenVZ and KVM both share resources, if anyone tells you otherwise they down understand the technology.
You can have a 1CPU laptop running 4 KVMs or 4 OpenVZs. How OpenVZ is sharing resources, but KVM is not is beyond me.

What can happen however, in the OpenVZ world, is that if you have an unscrupulous host, they can allocate you more memory and diskspace in total than the server can provide. This is more like the shared hosting model, where most users will purchase more than they use.
This if managed correctly, can be of benefit, as it much reduces the cost of providing the VM to the end user, however if not managed correctly, a miserable experience can be had by the VM's users.

Again KVMs have their full disk space available to them, whereas with OpenVZ if the host is overselling, users may find that they can't use all of their allocated space. However, if KVM users want to change the amount of space on their VMs they are in for a more tricky time.

The only real issue with openvz is that you have to run the kernel provided by the host, you cannot change this, so if you want to run CloudLinux (full) or Atomic Linux kernels you are out of luck.

In summary, if your host is not likely to be overselling, then you will probably get much better performance out of OpenVZ.
However, if you really want to "own" all of your resources and work more like a real dedicated server KVM may be for you.
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  Post #9 (permalink)   12-01-2016, 04:22 AM
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I guess KVM is much better in many ways.

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