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  Post #16 (permalink)   05-18-2017, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by hynds View Post
Then your new provider is also your competitor
Yes, but that's the beauty of what I do, I can compete with any of them because my company is not top heavy. I know the structure of the large companies and how they operate. They earn less on each account, but they sell a lot because they shell out the clams in advertising. It's all high end. So it doesn't bother me because I have an entirely different business model that is not focused on high end, but rather superiority and quality.

The last customer who called for support laughed when I answered the phone right away and said something like, "I love this company because when I call I actually talk to someone." I told him, yep, and you talk directly to the owner. I outsource everything else, but the sales and support are in my lap and I won't give that to a hireling. Granted, I wish I were better at the sales because I would like my company to grow more. But my support is unparalleled because there are not many hosting companies where the owner does the sales and support. And many of the ones who do don't have much expertise. I've been through tech school so I am not someone who just figured it out on my own. I scored a 4.0 in networking without straining my brain and a 3.5GPA in programing. And I'm still currently taking a home study course for computer repair since even though I have studied pc architecture, I want to learn more and update myself.

My very first customer is still with me years later since starting my company. What I have to figure out is how to get more customers and I am working on that by restructuring my hosting plans and will soon add reseller plans and I am also thinking of setting up more servers so I can offer ircd shell accounts. I love IRC even though due to social networking it died out considerably. I've done things with IRC they said could not be done. And not that other people have not excelled in it - but I just took to it like a fish in water and I would love to find a way to revive it. It's just so dang hard to find a decent java chat that is keeping up with the present technology. I can build the interface and code everything into a website, but people are glued to social networking, specifically facebook because it's very easy and satisfies most people.
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Read through the plan you have selected and write down on a piece of paper what they are offering you. Do you understand everything? If not find out what it means because you donít want to sign up for 1 year and then figure out that there is a difference between addon domains and parked domains.
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