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  Post #1 (permalink)   10-25-2018, 05:18 AM
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How to Increase Blog Traffic fast?

  Post #2 (permalink)   10-25-2018, 03:51 PM
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Blog about the blog in a seperate blog about blogs increasing traffic with blogs which are also trying to increase traffic.
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  Post #3 (permalink)   10-25-2018, 05:16 PM
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If nobody knows about your blog, then you won't get people just coming to it for no reason. You have to start making a presence in other blogs, other places that might be related to your blog so you can start getting more traffic and attract more people to view it.

  Post #4 (permalink)   10-26-2018, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by unisecureus View Post
How to Increase Blog Traffic fast?
Same way you build a business - market it!

If that means you have to buy advertising on YouTube, Facebook, Ads or purchase spots on forums (did you know you can buy advertising here on HostingDiscussion?) - then that's what you do.

So, determine your target niche and then market to those users.
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  Post #5 (permalink)   10-26-2018, 05:56 PM
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Fast? Paid advertising would be the only way. This may include Adwords, paid guest posts, or banners on websites.

If you want fast and free, forget about it

  Post #6 (permalink)   10-29-2018, 02:20 AM
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Write quality and original content, that is the only way. Google like original content it will rank your blog and you will get traffic. Also write regularly more than 15 post per month atleast.

  Post #7 (permalink)   11-03-2018, 04:27 AM
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Below are the five tips to increase your blog traffic fast:
1. Remember that content is the king and so it is important that you focus on creating a ever-green and quality content.
2. Make sure you aren't missing the trending topics on your blog.
3. Also, your posts should be such that the search engines can easily find them.
4. Use long-tail keywords in your content to help rank your content.
5. Ensure that the headlines of your content are catchy.
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  Post #8 (permalink)   11-04-2018, 12:22 AM
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Make sure you have good content, don't overload your copy with keywords, use Google analytics, create content which are highly searched for and make it good for SEO.

  Post #9 (permalink)   11-05-2018, 03:44 AM
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1. Write great, long and informative content.
2. Focus on what your readers actually want to know.
3. Reach out to blogs related to your niche and ask them to link to your blog by offering a service or anything as a barter system.

  Post #10 (permalink)   11-07-2018, 06:16 AM
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To increase blog traffic. Take the following steps:

1. Share blog posts on facebook, twitter, Linkedin in relevant groups.

2. Submit your website to content aggregators like Alltop.

3. Syndicate content on free blogging sources like Linkedin, Medium, etc

4. Repurpose content in other formats like infographics, presentations, docs, videos, podcasts, etc.

  Post #11 (permalink)   11-09-2018, 04:17 AM
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Promote your content.

Promoting through social media is the most widely used practice days.
You can even reach out to blogs with comparably more authority than you to give link to your blog, some agree for free and some have their price for these things.

  Post #12 (permalink)   11-10-2018, 12:47 AM
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1)Be Strategic About Your Content. If you want to increase blog traffic, the best thing you can do is quite simply create better content.
2)Don't Fear the Keywords.
3)Find Your Flock: Hunt Down Your Audience's Nest.
4)Optimize For Speed and Mobile.
5)Posts on facebook, twitter, Linkedin in groups.
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  Post #13 (permalink)   11-11-2018, 09:21 PM
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The best way to figure out how you can get traffic on your blog is to imagine a situation where the tables are turned. What kind of blog would you want to visit and revisit?

You need to maintain consistency on your blog. Make sure you post consistently. And make sure you do your targeting properly and that the right audience reads the right, relatable, quality content. There's a lot more to do if quality content is what you're after.

Of course the faster ways to get traffic heading your way is to advertise on social media. But if you want more organic results, try sharing your posts on various groups and on your own page as well. But make sure that your sharing is consistent and people don't forget about you after a while.

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  Post #14 (permalink)   11-13-2018, 12:11 AM
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The best ways are:

1. Post regular content
2. Share these content in various social media websites
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  Post #15 (permalink)   12-24-2018, 12:09 AM
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Try writing on the technical terms, start linking, create original content which will result in high SEO ranking.
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