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  Post #1 (permalink)   01-25-2002, 12:08 PM
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ISDN1 / DS-0 64 Kb/sec 559.96Mb
ISDN2 128 Kb/sec 1.106Gb
2way Satellite upload 150 Kb/sec 1.296Gb
Fixed Wireless upload 256 Kb/sec 2.211Gb
G.lite ADSL upload 384 Kb/sec 3.318Gb
2way Satellite download 500 Kb/sec 4.320Gb
ADSL upload 768 Kb/sec 6.637Gb
G.lite ADSL download 1.5 Mb/sec 12.960Gb
T1 / DS1 1.544 Mb/sec 13.340Gb
E1 / DS1 2.048 Mb/sec 17.695Gb
Fixed Wireless download 5 Mb/sec 43.200Gb
ADSL download 6.144 Mb/sec 53.084Gb
T2 / DS2 6.312 Mb/sec 54.536Gb
E2 8.448 Mb/sec 72.991Gb
Cable upload 10 Mb/sec 86.400Gb
Cable download 27 Mb/sec 233.280Gb
E3 34.368 Mb/sec 296.939Gb
T3 / DS3 44.736 Mb/sec 386.519Gb
OC1 51.48 Mb/sec 444.787Gb
OC3 155.52 Mb/sec 1.344Tb
T4 / DS4 274.76 Mb/sec 2.374Tb
OC9 466.56 Mb/sec 4.031Tb
OC12 622.08 Mb/sec 5.375Tb
OC18 933.12 Mb/sec 8.062Tb
OC24 1.244 Gb/sec 10.748Tb
OC36 1.866 Gb/sec 16.122Tb
OC48 2.488 Gb/sec 21.496Tb
OC96 4.976 Gb/sec 42.993Tb
OC192 9.952 Gb/sec 85.968Tb
OC255 13.271 Gb/sec 114.661Tb
OC768 39,813 Gb/sec 343.984Tb

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