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  Post #1 (permalink)   08-11-2008, 12:48 AM
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Name and URL of hosting company: Aventure Host (
Hosted URL(s):
Description of service(s) used: Shared hosting (beginners).
How long have you been using the service(s): Over 2 years.

Detailed review: I really didn't have any complaints about Aventure Host until I decided I could not afford to renew my subscription this year. I notified them that I would be parking my domain name and would not be renewing. I also let them know that I was in no way unhappy with their services, I just couldn't afford it. I forgot to cancel my yearly subscription through PayPal, so on the date of renewal PayPal sent Aventure Host $99 US dollars for my yearly subscription.

I emailed Aventure Host and asked for a refund and they replied:
"I am afraid we can not refund any payments that have been sent to ourselves via a subscription payment as the subscription was intial set up by yourself and not by us therefore we would not have known there was a subscription in place until a payment came in via it".

I filed a complaint with PayPal but because webspace is not a tangible object, they could not force Aventure Host to refund my money. They did offer to write Aventure Host and tell them they thought I should get a refund, which they did, and Aventure Host still refused to refund it.

I posted in another forum that the only reason I could think of them keeping my money would be because they are having financial difficulties and then was told by Aventure Host that they had received legal advice to cease communiction with me and suggested that I remove my post. So they have quit communications and have not returned one cent of my money.

They may seem nice and friendly while you are using their services, but the minute you quit their true nature shows through.

Pros: They were always quick to respond whenever I had problems.

Cons: There was a lot of downtime which didn't bother me too much because my sites were just family sites, but for a business it would not be good at all.

Would you recommend this company to your best friend? No.

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