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  Post #1 (permalink)   10-31-2003, 02:34 PM
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I had a very Bad Experience with and aka and

has anyone else had a bad experience with these companies?


  Post #2 (permalink)   10-31-2003, 03:26 PM
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Sorry to hear that and what happened exactly?

  Post #3 (permalink)   10-31-2003, 03:26 PM
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I haven't even heard of them. What were your bad experiences?
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  Post #4 (permalink)   11-01-2003, 01:18 AM
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Here is what happened.

A friend had contacted me that he had a very successful website which he needed hosting for but was recently shut down due to the content and could I please help him find a host for his website.

The website in question is a controversial informational site regarding how to obtain p2p software and optimize it for downloading software, games, movies and songs. It outright advocates the opinnion that people should use p2p software to save money and download warez. The site itself doesn't have any warez on it, but it teaches you about what p2p software is available and how to optimize it for obtaining warez. The last provider shut down the site saying it was committing conspiracy to help other people learn how to obtain p2p software and use it for downloading copyrighted software.
No Porn, No warez, no bombs or anything illegal on the site, just information on how to effectively use p2p software like kazaa to get warez. The site also specifically advocating not sharing files once people obtained their p2p software.

I asked a friend what they recommended I do to help this friend find a host and she said there is no reason for me to look outside the usa as it is no crime to setup a website on how to make illegal drugs like ecstacy or how to rob a bank. The book hitman, a guide on how to effectively be a hitman is all over the net and is protected by free speech. Well I said hold your horses there sister, im not looking to make drugs or start up my hitman services inc. Im just looking for hosting for an information site that advocates the use of p2p software to download warez.

She posted on some major web host forums with specific details of what the site does, its nature, the fact it was shut down etc..., and got about 4 responses. She made sure to communicate and over emphasized to these people that contacted her the nature of the site. 2 hosts which could really talk the talk where (full partner of and

Well a deal was struck for a dedicated server with by chris Gotzmann Treto and Money was sent to him. After money was sent to him by paypal, his website disappeared and when I asked him what happened to the site, he said that it was under construction as they were improving the site. Then there were delays in emails from him and getting the server setup, so I asked him whats going on and he said he just got out of surgery and his colocation datahouse was having powerfailures and I would have to wait 1 - 2 weeks before setting up my server. He said if I wasn't happy with this fact he would give me a full refund. I responded to him saying that I accepted the refund and he said ok we will process it. I waited 3 days, no refund, i emailed him for 1, 2, 3 days and no email response. I emailed Mike Anderson of who I directly sent the money to and chris gotzmann treto, they both ignored my emails for days.

I finally decided to go to and file an abuse/fraudulent transaction report. After 5-7 days they told me no refund, as dedicated servers are intangeable and thus not protected by their AUP/TOS and that I would not get a refund. Then I posted this fact on several forums and Mike Anderson and Chris Gotzmann Treto of started telling everyone that they never setup my server because it was a warez server, when it wasnt, and I have the emails with headers and IP numbers of Chris approving the server what I explained it was before. I never even got a chance to setup the server and got ripped off big time. NO refund, No help from paypal.
I have copies of all the emails.

I then decided I would give a shot, as they also responded to my friends request on the forums, he set me up, but the bandwidth was so slow, the hard drives kept crashing, the cpu fried, it took him days to respond to customer support. He promised a refund and never gave it. He too posted on forums after I posted my experiences about him saying I was trying to setup a warez server, when that is not what I was trying to do and I explained what it was I was doing originally and originally said your site is nothing and there is no reason to worry as we ( host one of the most successful warez forums in the world (you have to signup to see the warez sharing), your site doesn't even cross the line of illegality.

So this is it, ripped off 2x in one month by and (chris Gotzmann Treto and Mike Anderson). These guys are the scum of the earth. And I encourage everyone reading this to NOT believe me, but to check for yourself by calling paypal and asking if dedicated leased servers are protected by paypal payments - confirm this is a fact. Confirm by doing thorough whois on they are indeed a warez site hosted by and u actually have to register to shareordie in order to see the warez. I will provide the emails privately with full header IP of chris gotzmann treto and Matt Munsonapproving the site, offering a refund due to delays, never setting up the server.

I've to tell you I have been doing business on the internet for 5+ years and I'm thoroughly disgusted by the amount of poor quality hosts out there, scammers, over-sellers etc... In my opinnion, there are way to many hosting companies creating a cut throat scammy situation. It's good when you have a lot of competition, but when the competition is over saturated good quality companies are driven out by the low quality cut throaters. Sometimes too much competition is bad for the consumer - and I never thought I would hear myself say that, but it's absolutely true.


  Post #5 (permalink)   05-06-2004, 12:19 PM
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Poundhost have been fine for us.
We were concerned at first due to the low cost, but the service and support have been excellent so far.

Emails answered promptly if you email directly (not through his forum).
There has been the odd technical issue but he has delt with them promptly and importantly he kept me informed (a real lacking for most hosts)

I guess part of the reason they are such good value is some of the servers they offer at the cheaper rates are quite old spec, I guess that would mean less reliable.

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