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crzyhrse 11-23-2014 04:35 PM

In case it is helpful in your search for a host
This is being written in case it is helpful to people who might be looking for web hosting, either for the first time or for a place to move their sites to.

A little over a year ago and very new to all this I signed up for a basic shared server account with JustHost. I researched a good bit, but being totally unfamiliar with website hosting I didnít know that just a couple large corporations owned most of the hosting brands, and that they pretty much dominated the hosting review world. I learned a lot with JustHost, and am very grateful to all the wonderful tech folks there who answered my questions and helped me understand the terrain.

A few months ago I began to realize that JustHost wasnít going to do. They were way overselling their servers, their cPanel configuration was limited in essential features, phone waits had become over an half hour at the minimum, there were becoming more and more repeated server issues and down times, site backup features were a mess and often down, and our by now three Wordpress sites were loading slower and slower even though they had Wordfence Falcon caching and Cloudflare CDN as well major optimization in all the other usual ways going for them. JustHost's only solution was for us to move to a higher level ďpro" shared server for a significantly higher cost, but with the same server boxes and hardware/software/cPanel configurations and the same over extended staff and infrastructure issues, with the only significant difference being that the server would now be somewhat less oversold.

I did some more extended research, this time much better informed. Even so it took a lot of nuanced searching to get past how much the major corporations dominate google results. The short of it is I checked out a number of possibilities and kept coming back to Layerbyte Networks Inc. I had a very extended email exchange with the head person there, and he answered all of my questions fully, openly and with clarity and detail.

Now that it has been a few months I feel I can say with confidence that it has been the best move we could have possibly made. Layerbyte moved all our sites for us, six Wordpress sites including ones under development and a test site. The move went smoothly and very quickly in the wee hours of the morning, and there were hardly any hitches and none that Layerbyte did not immediately solve and fix. It was an almost totally transparent move, passwords and everything exactly as they were before, databases perfect and even optimized. They took care of the changes in our account at Cloudflare, moved our email setups and addresses and got it all going with no hitches, and even added a couple pieces of software to the server that one of our plugins needed. They even fixed an issue that a couple plugins were having that actually didnít have anything to do with the move but coincidentally with a change I had made at Cloudflare right before the move that I had forgotten about.

Their hardware and software setups are state of the art. SSDs rather than spinning disks. LiteSpeed rather than Apache, New server boxes with advanced CPUs. Off site nightly server backups and on site backup features that are quickly and easily engaged at any time and easily downloadable. They run out of a data center that impresses even my mostly uninformed mind. Their cPanel is so beyond what I had become accustomed to at JustHost I was amazed. When I found a couple hiccups in a couple cPanel features they were addressed immediately. Their support is by way of tickets and email, and responses every time have been within minutes and with great engagement, and there is continued similar attentiveness until the ticket is closed by the client. They are clearly sincere in their intention to provide a hosting service that really serves the clientís needs and that is the best hosting service possible within the limits of the package that is chosen.There are a lot more features, details and possibilities you can discover if you are moved to check Layerbyte out.

Our sites now load on average about three times faster than they did at JustHost. In three months there has been no downtime. And we are paying about the same we were paying at JustHost for the entry level server, for a server package that is far, far beyond in several ways what we would have received at JustHost if we had gone to the pro level shared server for three or four times the money. When I asked Layerbyte how many accounts were typically on a Layerbyte server the figure I was given was less than half what is on the typical "Pro" server at JusyHost that uses older boxes, limited CPUs, shared and limited ram and bandwidth and spinning disks. And because of the way Litespeed works no one elseís account can slow down our sites by overusing the resources. Overusing will only slow their own sites down.

Kind regards.

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