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SakamHost 07-04-2017 08:07 AM

The site has a great design.

caygriweb 07-16-2017 03:18 AM

wow is very pretty and better than mine! XD

shame on me

Certa_Hosting 08-15-2017 08:05 AM

the site looks really good.

I like what you have done with the art work on the banner

All in all a nice looking site

Good luck

Jumpstart 10-31-2017 09:27 AM

Love the color green! Your site looks clean and modern. Your "green" theme is similar to the "Grab" car color (Uber like service in Asia).

I wish the Youtube video is above the envelope/ at the top of your site for easy access to potential clients. But other than that, your site looks great! :)

And yes, shame on me too. I feel like my website is too generic-looking for my potential-client's eyes compared to yours haha good job! :)

24x7server 11-01-2017 02:11 AM

Wow, your website is quite good especially the Hosting Plan slider. Best of luck. :)

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