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  Post #1 (permalink)   03-13-2017, 03:20 AM
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Anybody is facing issues with outsourced services?

  Post #2 (permalink)   03-13-2017, 03:40 AM
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Why do you ask? Are you having problems?
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Originally Posted by ughosting View Post
Why do you ask? Are you having problems?
I suspect he's asking because those are the type of services he offers. The answer is no, we're not experimenting any issues at this time. What types of issues do you see most often?
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  Post #4 (permalink)   03-13-2017, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by SenseiSteve View Post
I suspect he's asking because those are the type of services he offers. The answer is no, we're not experimenting any issues at this time. What types of issues do you see most often?
Nailed It!
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  Post #5 (permalink)   03-13-2017, 05:37 PM
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Can't say I am. If you are looking to actually help people out it is probably a good idea to go where you know your services will be needed. Most people on here, I would imagine, find their own solutions.
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  Post #6 (permalink)   03-13-2017, 11:39 PM
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Thanks everybody for your replies. I think I should have explain it bit more while questioning. Yes we are providing various services. But we always aim to improve our services. Such comments and replies from people help us to understand where we can grow!

If you are happy with your service provider that's really good...

Thanks again for your replies.

  Post #7 (permalink)   06-09-2017, 12:46 AM
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I won't mention names but one of the biggest problems I encounter in the outsourced industry is low quality firms. That's aint a secret, there are too many small low quality companies and those offering horrible service (communication, English, solving issues (not solving), instability of other kind..). And sadly, those companies creates a more general, more global concern among the customers (companies). Lately I had a call with EU based customer, he wanted to hire a dev / Linux expert and he told me "Tried 15 outsourced companies and all failed to deliver", now those 15 companies created for that customer an impression that he no longer willing to outsource at all, he simply fears that same would happen with every single outsourcing company and that hurts those companies that actually provide a high quality service and in fact, there are great companies, wonderful teams and amazing talented people out there.

To avoid the same painful ride as this client from EU went through, don't hire outsourced support service before you do at AT LEAST the following:
1. Speak to the company manager (voice is better) to get a good feeling of the company standards and communication approach.
2. Speak (voice and text) to the individual/s that the manager willing to assign on your project, demand reading their CVs as well before you making the voice call with them.
3. K.Y.E. (Know your employee), after you confident with the skill set, communication and approach of your potential team you are about to hire, only then - give them a test task / simulation and following their success you will give them the initial GO.

Some may say "too much hassle, too much time...I want hire quick...I need them ASAP" well - remember, if you will hire people you don't trust and dont know for even a bit, those people may cause to you much more hassle later during a real project of a real customer of yours and then you will have to spend much more time in getting the mess cleaned and looking for quality hires (again).

Hope my few tips would help you guys in finding the right outsourced team!
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  Post #8 (permalink)   09-15-2017, 01:09 PM
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I found its better to hire the people yourself and pay them more than they would get at some of these firms. the biggest problem with some of these support firms is turn over. So you have a dedicated decent staff helping your clients and then they are gone, so a new guys comes on board and starts over. if you can try to get a dedicated staff (even offshore or remote, etc) and pay them properly it works out better than going through all these support firms.

i should also state, not all are bad, there are some good ones, and they typically charge a bit more.
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  Post #9 (permalink)   05-11-2019, 02:51 PM
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I think just like when you're hiring someone who is local, you may go through a few people before you find a really good one. There are some who just randomly outsourced to whoever they can be fine, but the results are not very good. So it is important that there is some process for finding quality people. Then you can have a very good experience with Outsourcing.
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