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  Post #1 (permalink)   01-01-2009, 03:50 PM
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I am currenly clan leading in a clan called GameDemocracy. The clan have only existed here for 1 week, but i though why not start early to find a sponsor. Gamedemocracy isn't that popular. I have tried to promote the clan on some big Counter Strike:Source Forums and members are also keep coming. I have though about that the clan will have around 15-20 members maks and when we got that we will have 3 teams on . We will probably have a "core" team that will have the same members all the time so hopefully will that team make some nice results. Our webside right now is, but as i said before this is a very new clan so later on have i though about own domain name and proffesional looking webside. I can make a nice looking webside by my self expect of database, profil, login,forum and things like that so i will try to find one who can help the clan with that. If i have to pay for it or not. About my self, well i am 14 years old, but i will turn 15 in 3 days. When i am 15 am i allowed to buy on the internet which means i will buy a clanwar server and Ventrilo Server. Maybe also a proffesional hoster who offer help with making a webside. I am running the clan serius but not higly serius and what i mean by that is that the clan are allowed to have fun together. I only want mature persons in the clan so we wont get a bad repurtation from the whole "CSS World". I can control my members and give them warnings and a kick from the clan if that is needed. I hope you still want to take me serius even if i am only 15.
Well right now we are only 7 members. 5 of them on Trial, but as i wrote before we are keep getting bigger and maybe when you read this we will maybe have 6 on trial.

Well, i will promote you with a nice banner on the webside and promote the webside so we will get alot of visitors to the webside. There will be a direcly link to your webside on the image to your webside. You will get a banners on the server and link to your webside. We will also promote your webside on Enemydown. You will be able to make your banner as you want have it to look on our webside.

I hope i will soon hear from you and make a good Partnership with you. If you got some additional questions you want to get answered pls contact me and tell me about them.
Steam friends:Bjornson_dk

Thanks for your Time
Matias Korn

Only serius comments pls. Critism even if its good or bad are ofcourse welcome

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Hello, I sent you a PM and hope to chat with you soon.

  Post #3 (permalink)   01-08-2009, 06:54 AM
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Hello Matias,
We at are willing to sponsor your gaming clan. However, we can only offer the web hosting services. We do not have any gaming or ventrilo servers at the moment. We can get you setup under the Standard plan for free either with or (willing to offer for 1 year free). Please PM if you are interested. We look forward to your reply!
TopQHost - We Provide Affordable Web Hosting with Top Quality Service
Closed Thread

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