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Farkov 11-30-2004 05:53 AM

Looking for Dual Opteron Dedicated Server
Let me begin by saying how nice it was to find this place. I've been googling for hours now and it seems impossible to get a semi-custom quote without emailing 100 different companies.

Basically I am after a dual opteron, preferably a 248 or 250 cpu with 4GB of RAM, located on the east coast of the USA. Hard drive size is negotiable, but I am after something fast, 10K or, preferably, 15K. I'd like to have a list of hard drives to choose from, as well as RAID setups. Bandwidth is not crucial. Something around 10Mbps would be fine with a max of 50GB or so. Also, obviously, I want the OS to be Linux 64-bit specific.

This server is going to be used solely for computations, and at times it will need to interact, with a very low ping time, with another server located in New Jersey. There is no plans to make it a webserver at this stage, so any discounts that can be given by dumping superfluous 'features' would be greatly appreciated.

I'm *hoping* to pay around $250/month after an up-front fee. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

ALLiNET 11-30-2004 01:34 PM

Main Package Dual Opteron 242:
1-Month @ $75.00 + Setup: $199.95
RAM: 4096 $150.00
Hard Drive 1: 73 GB SCSI $50.00
Hard Drive 2: 73 GB SCSI $50.00
Firewall: none
IP Addresses: 11 IP Addresses
Bandwidth: 2000 GB Bandwidth $200.00
Server Management Plan: none
Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise 3.0 $39.00
Control Panel: cPanel/WHM with Fantastico $29.95
Backup: none
Package(s) Total $593.95
Package(s) Setup $199.95

Here is you montly price $593.95 in New York.

virtuoso 11-30-2004 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by Farkov
I'm *hoping* to pay around $250/month after an up-front fee. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I want to make it easier for you by telling you now don't expect to pay less than $600-$700 /mo for 10MBps bandwidth, 4GB of RAM an RAID hardware on a Dual Opteron 248/250. You need to up the budget or lower your specs.

ALLiNET 11-30-2004 06:54 PM

I offer you the best deal in New York you will not find lower then this. :devil:

Farkov 12-01-2004 05:05 PM

Thanks for your replies. Firstly, ALLiNET, I was after 248s or 250s, NOT 242s. Secondly, I really was after a custom quote, not a package type setup. Looking at the quote you gave I see lots of things that I simply don't need.

1) I won't need a control panel, SSH access would be fine.
2) I'm sure there are free versions of the 64-bit Linux out there
3) I won't need anywhere near 2000GB/month, more like 50GB/month. Would that drop that particular fee to $5?

Culling these things alone would drop the price to $330/month, which is much closer to my budget.

Thirdly, having discussed it further with my colleague we have come to the conclusion that a basic 7200rpm hard-drive would be sufficient. So I'd like a quote to include a 200 or 250GB one of those instead of the SCSI ones, and no RAID controller is necessary. Also, if the cost is too high, we can scrape by with 2GB of RAM instead of 4.

Fourthly, I've read in my travels about some companies which allow you to pay a higher setup for a lower monthly outlay. It seems this is usually set-up so that if you quit before 6 months is up you will lose out on the deal, but if you keep it for longer you will be ahead. As I'm looking to keep this machine for much longer than 6 months I'd also like an option for that in the quote.

Lastly, sorry for having to reiterate this, but I'm really after a *custom* quote. I've already been to every website known to man and haven't found what I was after. And yes ALLiNET, I had been to yours before you posted that and I had seen that deal. I'd even be interested in hearing about companies that aren't shady and that perhaps specialise in custom setups. Thanks all for your time in this matter.

Artashes 12-02-2004 12:47 AM


Originally Posted by Farkov
Lastly, sorry for having to reiterate this, but I'm really after a *custom* quote.

Repeat it as many times as you need. Here at we try to enforce hosts offer "custom" offers as best we can. And many times it works, so let's hope it works out for you as well.

Good luck.

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