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Julio 02-18-2017 06:05 PM

New hosting site review please
Hello Everyone,

I haven't been much around because I have been working on my new project web hosting / domain name site.

Little background: After I handregged my Spanish DomainNames domain all I could think of was that it would make for a nice Spanish hosting site. This was 5 months ago the name was a whois service, then a blog and now I finally did it a hosting site.

I did not want to wait because I want the search engines to start scrawling the site. It's 80% done all I need is a logo, private dns and a favicon and a few small changes.

I know it's a really tough market to start out in but i'm going to give it 110%

Check it out and tell me what you guys think?

Thank you for reading.

Artashes 02-18-2017 11:32 PM

Good to see you back and I am glad you were busy.

This website was so incredibly well-stocked with content that it got me wondering if you are going with a white-label reseller direction on this experiment? If so, does that include support to your customers as well? I guess what I am asking is if this is a white-label solution, what are your key responsibilities? Sales and support? Or sales only?

Julio 02-19-2017 03:39 AM

Hello Artashes,

It's a reseller package and I can brand it with my own logo and favicon and private dns nameservers. The way the site is setup now is like a "set it and forget it" because they take take of everything for me answer all emails and phone calls. I just have to promote the site. I see that in my control panel I can read the email that customers send to support.

Thank you for the reply.

( Time for some coffee and get to work :) )

bestcast4u 02-19-2017 06:18 AM

first of all, all the very best for your new business. But make it 100% before you publish it.

Before you publish it check it yourself if all goes well or not.

kunnusingh 02-19-2017 06:31 AM

wow, different and unique type website. I rarely saw "chose language" option on web hosting site.

Your website is also responsive. Good luck.

ikalf 02-19-2017 02:11 PM

I like the menu, how is following down.

SenseiSteve 02-20-2017 10:55 AM

Site looks well organized - looking forward to the end product.

HostProto 05-01-2017 02:20 AM

nice background img, very unique

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