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  Post #16 (permalink)   07-24-2007, 04:56 AM
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Originally Posted by aeromit
I have spoken to a few friends of mine who work for different web hosting companies and all of them they told me, they are receiving increasing number of fraudulent orders from anyone who uses proxy hosting plans. I don't know guys do you have the same issues but the more proxies web hosts give to users the more fraud will come to online merchants.
Well this is not 100% true , as we have clients who run their Proxy Sites , and they dont seem to be fraudulent.

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  Post #17 (permalink)   07-29-2007, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by othellotech
We've seen fraud drop to almost zero by denying all orders from:

people using proxies
all african countries
the far east
I personnaly wouldnt use a company that wouldnt allow me to use an email address ending in the above listed(just me) a person that will not ever use my isp email for anything..I never do. although i have 2 and yahoo is the one ive had the longest and i get alot of spam in it so i use it mainly for playing around but my gmail is my bussiness one that i use for anything important. My isp email is so damn complicated to use and is not user friendly and so im not comfortable if the host would like someone said, call me or send other emails to varify and such i would be more then willing to do what ever just to get the account set up. I see that the emails above are used for diffrent reasons not legal and such but not to allow them at all is cutting your own hand off in my
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  Post #18 (permalink)   07-29-2007, 01:54 PM
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While we don't outright ban free email addresses during sign up, we do generally trust our Maxmind plugin. As someone already mentioned, Maxmind scores proxies very high and free email addresses relatively high so pretty much any signup with a combination of those will be outright rejected before we even get to see the order.

I suppose it's possible that someone using an open proxy AND a free email address is a legitimate customer, but the odds are so far against it that we'd rather not even take the chance.

There is no shortage of customers on WHT and HD screaming that their host is not honest with them. Well, in my view, starting a relationship with me through a proxy and a free email address puts up some red flags for me that customer isn't being honest with me.

I'm sure we lose a customer or two because of this, but when I compare how well our servers are running now as to how well they were running the beginning when we weren't screening carefully, the trade off is well worth it.
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Status: Siatech is offline true.. Dont get me wrong..I do not us need to..but the email address is the address everyone i know uses to contact me..yes i do agree that if someone signs up using a proxy and free email address should, at the least part be questioned .
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