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Archive for Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CDNetworks forms hosting partnership with SourceForge

Content delivery network CDNetworks is now providing mirror sites for, a software development website carrying more than 180,000 projects with over 1.9 million registered users. According to reports, CDNetworks will be providing services to free of charge.

Netfirms teams up with Facebook

In the ever-increasing industry of web hosting, it takes more than an established domain name to get and keep customers. It takes providing the customer with added value. Enter Netfirms. Netfirms was created in 1998 as a domain registrar and web host, and currently serves the US and Canada markets. Unlike common gimmicks of the […] leads in SSL certificate release numbers

According to NetCraft’s report, domain registrar GoDaddy has issued more new SSL certificates than any other provider in 2008. A total of 220,000 new SSL certificates were issued last year and the famous domain registrar was responsible for over 100,000 of them (47% of the market share).

.PRO domains – five times as popular

The number of registrations of a .PRO domain extension has increased more than five times during the past couple of months when the eligibility restrictions became more flexible. Designed for professionals, the process of acquiring such a domain required lengthy examination of credentials before ICANN approved RegistryPro’s wishes to expand the domain’s availability. website hacked

Monster Worldwide’s database has suffered a breach of data. The attackers gained information such as people’s names, phone numbers, and email addresses. The famous job search website has alerted its members to urgently change their passwords. The company has experienced a similar issue back in August 2007, when a computer virus targeted its members and […]

Fans will pick Godaddy’s superbowl commercial

It is up to the fans of GoDaddy to choose which one of the two commercials that the company shot in December will air during the Superbowl. Both commercials feature Danica Patrick, a GoDaddy girl and Indycar racer. As of last Wednesday, the ad titled “Shower” had a slight edge over “Baseball”. Previous versions of […]

Does GoDaddy practice what it preaches?

HTML clipboardIt’s Super Bowl time, and that means it’s time for another raunchy installment from domain registar and web hosting company GoDaddy. GoDaddy’s inappropriate and sexually implicit commercials during the Super Bowl are really cringe-worthy, especially if you’re sitting next to your parents. Of course, sex sells, but what exactly is sexy about web hosting? […]

DemoWolf releases new tutorial series

DemoWolf, an online tutorial provider, has released nine new tutorial series. These include 185 new tutorials and four Parallels Plesk series. The Parallels Plesk series are designed for the upcoming Parallels Summit 2009 which takes place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada., from February 2 to February 4.

Microsoft’s web platform installer released

A tool that installs the entire Web Platform of Microsoft has been released by the company. The tool installs softwares such as .Net Framework, SQL Server 2008, and Internet Information Services. It can be run on Vista RTM, SP1, XP, and Server 2003 and 2008. Their own blogging platform Oxite is not included in the […]

Heartland Payment Systems was hacked

Heartland Payment Systems, a company that processes 100 million payment transactions per month, admitted that their payment processing operations at Princeton, New Jersey was hacked. It is possible that tens of millions of credit and debit card transactions were compromised. The company created a website to provide advices and further support for cardholders who […]