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Archive for Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ZayoGroup acquires FiverNet Telecom for $87.8 million

Zayo Group will buy  FiberNet Telecom for $87.8 million in cash, unless the 10-year old telecommunications provider receives a superior proposal by June 17. The transaction, however, is yet to be approved by the stockholders of FiberNet.

Tenzing joins Microsoft’s BizSpark program

Tenzing Managed IT Services has joined the Microsoft BizSpark program. It also joined the Software + Services Incubation Center. Both are part of a project developed by Microsoft that was made to provide software startups to develop their applications for Windows with free access.

UpClick launches free payment processing system

World’s first free payment processing solution UpClick provides online merchants an alternative to per-transaction processing fees. At the moment, only digitally delivered software and eBooks (up to $40 in value) are the items that can be used with the free payment processing solution.

LayeredTech to sponsor WordCamp conference

Layered Tech announced that it will sponsor the next WordCamp conference which will be held in San Francisco. The event is designed for users and developers of WordPress to meet and share their ideas. LayeredTech (one of the top ten blog web hosts) sees this event as an opportunity to support the WordPress software.

Torpig botnet hijacked; 70 GB of data recovered

Researchers from the University of California have successfully hijacked the Torpig botnet. They found that the botnet contained 70 GB of data that was collected in a 10-day period. The data included system data and sensitive banking information. The botnet, which infected approximately 180,000 machines, was hijacked by exploiting its “domain flux” component.

1-800-HOSTING signed for Open Cloud Manifesto

1-800-HOSTING is now a supporter of the Open Cloud Manifesto. The goal is to position all cloud service providers within generally acceptable standards and keep it open.

Merchant company Allstate enters web hosting market

The credit ad debit processor company Allstate Merchant Services announced it has entered the web hosting market in order to expand its services.

1&1’s new website building service targets small business owners

1&1 Internet released a new service that allows small business owners to create a website without technical knowledge. While the product testing is available free of charge, the plans start at  £9.99 per month. In a recent online poll, 47% of U.K. small businesses said that they do not have a website due to doubts […]

Rackspace Email 7.0 is out

Rackspace Hosting has unveiled a new version of its business-class hosted email offering Rackspace Email 7.0. The 10GB ad-free box costs $1 per mailbox per month, which is a tenth of the price of Microsoft Exchange. The updates in the new application includes right-click functionality and multiple calendars. Rackspace Email comes with POP/IMAP support.

RS&H continues its stay with Peak10

RS&H will continue to use the services and support of data center operator Peak 10. The company is being provided with a customized solution that helps recover data, increases network reliability and is also being ensured with the availability of corporate applications.