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Archive for Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ServerBeach goes offline for hours

Customers of ServerBeach were hit with multiple hours of downtime on the evening of August 28. The company has restored its power within an hour, but some customers were still reporting they could not connect to their servers on Saturday morning. For communication, the company has utilized Twitter to report on the progress.

Hosts make a splash on Inc 5000 list

During a period when most of the world’s developed nations were suffering the poor economic trends that go along with an approaching recession there were still more than a few companies able to not only maintain their revenue but increase it dramatically. Online business magazine Inc annually ranks the 5000 fastest growing privately owned companies […]

VMware celebrates stunning growth numbers

Palo Alto-based virtualization solution company VMware has announced it gained over 21,000 new customers in the first half of 2009, which comes to an average of 121 customers per day. In addition, VMware vSphere 4 has reached more than 350,000 downloads in the first 12 weeks of general availability— at an average rate of 140 […]

OnlineNIC to pay $33.15 million in damages to Verizon

Verizon has been awarded $33.15 million in damages by the Northern District of California federal court. Domain registrar OnlineNIC has to pay it due to cybersquatting 663 of it’s domain names. The domain names were either identical or similar compared to Verizon’s trademarks. OnlineNic also has to pay for Verizon legal costs. adds MailGuard email security

Web hosting company is adding a new email security feature to all of its hosting packages. MailGuard significantly reduces spam by eliminating potential viruses from arriving to customer inboxes. It also quarantines questionable emails for a period of 30 days. According to some estimates, 97 percent of all email traffic is spam.

Erin Kalin – GoDaddy’s new girl

Erin Kalin is the new GoDaddy Girl according to an announcement that was made by GoDaddy earlier today. She is a country musician and she will record music for the company to be used in their webisodes. The webisosdes will include recording her music, making a website, and her move into the musical mainstream.

Hosts take advantage of social networking

Social networking built on specific platforms is not a new thing; you will recall that MySpace was originally launched six years ago, in August of 2003, making it a relatively old service where this emerging field is concerned. But where MySpace proved to be a boon to emerging artists such as musicians, newer social networking […]

Upsite educates students on green data center design

Upsite Technologies hosted a group of university students from Korea called Eco²st. The company presented them with the best practices for building a green data center, including cooling and airflow science. The four-person Korean team, one of fifteen chosen applicants in a research proposal competition, will present their findings to LG.

100 dirtiest websites named

A maker of popular anti-virus, anti-malware and security software Symantec has named the “Dirtiest websites of Summer 2009.” Approximately half of the identified websites have adult content. Other sites include deer hunting and catering. The listed websites, according to the company, contain spyware and applications designed to steal sensitive information of its visitors. They also […]

When your hosting provider can’t stand the heat

Security is a concern for everyone involved in the web hosting industry, whether you are a hosting customer, hosting provider, software developer or datacenter administrator. The integrity of the network and the information it holds rests in the hands of all involved and, generally speaking, the protections put in place at all levels combine to […]