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Archive for Wednesday, July 29, 2009 sued for deceptive email marketing

A New York state Attorney General is planning a lawsuit against The attorney said that the company is using deceptive email marketing to raid email addresses. According to him, the emails were misleading since people needed to join the site in order to view photos of the ones who sent an invitation.

Sources: North Korean hackers attack American, South Korean websites

A South Korean website says a number of American and South Korean websites were hacked. The National Intelligence Service of South Korea said that the attacks showed signs of “meticulous preparations”. According to South Korean media outlets, pro-North Korea led the attacks. The total number of sites that were attacked are 26.

Layered Technologies adds Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 is now available to be deployed on Astro which is an automated web hosting platform of Layered Technologies. Previously, only Unix and Linux operating systems were offered by the company. Astro can also display server inventory in real-time and the customers are able to configure their server easily.

Peak 10 rolls out new backup software called Simpana

Peak 10 announced today that it has added Simpana backup software to its fully-managed backup platform, result of a long-time partnership with CommVault. The platform integrates the Simpana features such as data backup, replication, and archive. Peak 10 platform passed extensive testing and enhances the company’s multi-center and off-premise managed services offerings.

A $1.6B data center will be built for the National Security Agency

The National Security Agency (NSA) will receive its own data center, which will be located at Fort Williams in Utah, in close proximity to the Utah National Guard facility’s runway. The construction of a $1.6 billion data center will begin in June of next year and should be completed by March 2013. to open new office and data center in Denver is planning an opening of its new corporate office complex and data center in the Denver metro area in  August 2009. The projected 40,000 square foot office and data center will provide 10 GB per second redundant connectivity and 200 watts per square foot of cooling and power.

GoDaddy’s Search Engine Visibility tool launched

GoDaddy has released a new tool called Search Engine Visibility, which suggests users how to make their sites more search engine friendly. By using this tool, websites can increase in rankings and search engines can index the users’ entire sites. The search engine tools also provides a checklist which identifies mistakes made.

Yahoo’s New York DC confirmed

Yahoo! confirmed the location for its new data center to be built Lockport Industrial Park in Western New York. It will measure 190,000 square-foot and it will create 50 to 100 jobs. Some states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania had been courting Yahoo to build its new data center on their locations.