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TWIH: Debut of CloudLinux OS; GoDaddy Super Bowl ads sneak peak

News stories from the web hosting industry ranged this week from technical to just plain fun; here are two of the most eye-catching pieces seen and heard over the past seven days.

“I created CloudLinux OS based my previous work developing the H-Sphere Control Panel. I could see the need to give providers a way to control the CPU and IO demands of individual users to achieve high level of server stability. This work is based on a lot of research that has been done over the years. We went deep into Linux kernel to achieve high level of resource isolation. We also wanted to be able to offer the OS with a professionally staffed, 24/7 support operation and at a low cost for providers. So on behalf of my team and after these many months of hard work, I am proud to be introducing this new technology here at the Parallel’s Summit.” – Igor Seletskiy, CloudLinux CEO

First on the docket is the announcement by cloud solutions provider CloudLinux that it would be debuting its Linux-based operating system, dubbed CloudLinux itself, at Parallels Summit 2010, taking place in Miami, Florida on February 23. According to a press release issued by the company yesterday, CloudLinux OS is the only commercially supported operating system optimized specifically for shared hosting environments.

While CloudLinux represents an innovative approach to shared hosting in general, the most anticipated feature is its resolution of the many problems caused by resource hogs and load spikes, striking an ideal balance for every server based on hardware limits and number of users by using its proprietary LVE technology.

Onto the fun! Domain registrar, web hosting provider and generally edgy firm GoDaddy has made available two teaser clips of its upcoming Super Bowl television advertisement campaign, featuring none other than IndyCar racer and long-time GoDaddy spokeswoman Danica Patrick. The clips, both technically afternoon television-friendly, feature Patrick first acting out the famous skirt-lifting scene from The Seven Year Itch while dressed as Marilyn Monroe and then reprising the shower dance routine seen in Flashdance and performed by Jennifer Beals.

While the company has enabled rating on the two clips, it has yet to launch a voting system aimed at allowing the public to choose which ads make it to the T.V. screen. That tactic was implemented last year, helping to earn GoDaddy’s spot the title of “Most Watched” during the Super Bowl according to released TiVo results.

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