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Government scrutiny ups security ante

Server security for hosts ranging from the high-end firms that oversee the web site of the American Central Intelligence Agency to private companies like PayPal has become a topic at the forefront of conversation in the IT industry following a slew of attacks on various high-profile web sites this past week.

49 House of Representatives websites defaced

49 House of Representatives websites were hacked after United States President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Wednesday night, in a similar attacks back in August 2009 on 18 House. It is still unknown where the attack came from or what political motivations does the attacker have. The websites are managed by GovTrends, based […]

Payback for rewarding censorship?

Two of the world’s top domain name registrars were in the news this week for breaches in security. and Network Solutions both share the shameful position of being compromised. For, the lack of maintaining a secured DNS for major Chinese search engine Baidu created an unfortunate set of circumstances. As for dual registrar […]

RockYou security breach results in 32 million exposed user credentials

Big news this week – the website of RockYou was breached. As a result, 32 million user login credentials were exposed to hackers. Log-in information for applications on partner sites were not affected. Users are advised to change their passwords for their online accounts including email if they use the same information. RockYou is upgrading […]

Daily Internet Services customers hacked

Some websites of Daily Internet Services customers were hacked over the weekend. An image of three penguins was posted on victims’ websites and it also included a message from the hacker Heart_Hunter of TH3H4TTAB hacking crew. According the company, only a small number of customers were affected as the hack targeted sites with the word […]

Sources: North Korean hackers attack American, South Korean websites

A South Korean website says a number of American and South Korean websites were hacked. The National Intelligence Service of South Korea said that the attacks showed signs of “meticulous preparations”. According to South Korean media outlets, pro-North Korea led the attacks. The total number of sites that were attacked are 26.

Franklin Savings Bank hacked again

For the second time this week, the web page of Franklin Savings Bank was shut down. A malicious code was embedded on its marketing site and the bank was forced to take it offline. The company vowed that it would stay offline until it switched web hosting providers.

Kapersky Lab’s domain attacked

The domain has been hacked but security solutions provider Kaspersky Lab confirmed that no sensitive sensitive data was compromised. The support section of the site was hacked by several attackers with IP addresses from Romanian ISPs. The attackers notified the company of an executed SQL injection through public email boxes and gave a one […] website hacked

Monster Worldwide’s database has suffered a breach of data. The attackers gained information such as people’s names, phone numbers, and email addresses. The famous job search website has alerted its members to urgently change their passwords. The company has experienced a similar issue back in August 2007, when a computer virus targeted its members and […]

Heartland Payment Systems was hacked

Heartland Payment Systems, a company that processes 100 million payment transactions per month, admitted that their payment processing operations at Princeton, New Jersey was hacked. It is possible that tens of millions of credit and debit card transactions were compromised. The company created a website to provide advices and further support for cardholders who […]