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Hostway warns online retailers on product video addiction

Like any addiction, Hostway hosting provider thinks that massive adoption of video previews could cost online retailers millions of pounds this holiday season. Thomas Herbert, product manager at Hostway, says “companies should actually be planning for a higher volume of traffic this Christmas and be especially prepared to maintain their websites if they use videos to promote and feature their products. If a large number of people access video reviews or trailers at the same time, this can really slow down websites, and as we all know, poor performance can often be a deal-breaker for Christmas shoppers.” A recent report by Deloitte’s predicts that UK online spending will rise by 10% this Christmas compared with last year.

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One comment for “Hostway warns online retailers on product video addiction”

  1. This is really a good post. I have several clients who make the same mistake of having too many videos on their site and who are hosting these videos themselves. I know a few travel sites who ran into big problems this past holiday season because of this as they had videos of each hotel posted on their site.

    Posted by Jamesb | Monday, February 2, 2009, 12:41 pm

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