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Archive for Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Co-Founder of named CEO

Zend Co-Founder Andi Gutmans has been named CEO of the company. Gutmans, who served as the senior marketing manager for the last two years, will replace Harold Goldberg who left the company to explore other opportunities. Mark Burton, a former executive VP of sales at a database company, MySQL, will become new Executive Chairman.

Limestone launches new enterprise servers

An “Elite Series” line of enterprise servers has been launched by Limestone Networks. This line will consists of Xeon 5400 series, dual processors which can support over 48GB RAM on a single server. The Xeon 5400 series processors operate up to 3.0 GHz and are also equipped with Western Digital RE3 drives.

UK2’s cloud hosting beta trial

A beta trial of has been launched by the UK2 Group. is a cloud system for virtual private environment that is built on RAID 10 storage area network. Customers can customize the package by purchasing nodes, where each node provides 256MB RAM, 10GB SAN storage, 200MHz dedicated CPU and 200GB/month bandwidth.

GoDaddy Super Bowl TV ad among most-watched

Along with Bud Light Lime, Super Bowl commercial was seen by the most viewers (103.2 million), as reported by The Nielsen Company. The company has also reported an increase in new customers following the exposure.

FuseMail’s Webmail version 3 goes beta

FuseMail has released the beta version of their third Webmail version. Unveiled at the 2009 Parallels Summit in Las Vegas, the newest version provide their users a better in-browser experience as well as web 2.0 features. The software is already made available to 60 to 70 percent of its customers.

GoDaddy gains new customers after Super Bowl ad

GoDaddy reported a 10% increase in new customers after their 2009 Super Bowl campaign, aired after the final 2-minute warning. The commercial features an IndyCar driver Danica Patrick in the Shower. While the ad caused some controversy, GoDaddy stated two out of three women liked the ad.

.TEL restrictions loosened

The registration of .TEL domains has been loosened by UK-based registry operator Telnic Limited. Consumers can now buy a .TEL domain without auctions or waiting lists. The domain extension was launched on December 3 of last year, with trademark owners being given the opportunity to register domains for $399 each. The widely accessible registration of […]

eWebGuru’s reseller hosting plan goes unlimited. Or not.

An unlimited reseller hosting plan is now available at eWebGuru. The plan is supposed to apply for both Linux and Windows and carry no restrictions for either bandwidth or disk space. However, in spite of the press release, company ‘s website does not reflect the news, neither as a form of the announcement, nor in […]

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl aftermath

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, you may be wondering if the GoDaddy commercials paid off. According to a carefully worded press release, over 60% of people polled “loved” the Shower commercial, starring Danica Patrick. In Shower, Danica Patrick and another woman are controlled by three teenage boys to share a shower together. The […]

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