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Taking back time with automated search engine submission

One of the many tasks assigned to those who create and maintain web sites is the submission of all content to the major search engines. Once the initial submission has been completed, there is the ongoing task of submitting any new or edited content to these very same search engines. It can end up being a tedious and repetitious act.

Hostway Corporation and AutomaticSiteMap intend on changing all that. In an announcement made today, the web hosting company Hostway will be the first to integrate the new direct XML sitemap submission technology offered by AutomaticSiteMap into its hosting packages. Every Hostway customer will be provided this new service at absolutely no charge (a $60 per year value).

With this new service, hosting customers will now have their content submitted automatically to major search engine sites such as Google, Bing,, and Yahoo. Search engines no longer will have to find their content, their content finds the search engines. Customers also have the ability to control their AutomaticSiteMap service from within their control panels.

Senior vice president of Hostway, John Lee, said in a recent statement “AutomaticSiteMap is an exact fit with the other technologies and services we provide to help our customers make more money online.” The services effectively increases search traffic without the customer having to put a lot of sweat in.

With beginnings in 2009, AutomaticSiteMap has led the way in development of server-based search engine technologies. One of the latest ways the company is getting the word out about their products and services is through sponsoring this year’s WHIR web hosting networking event in Los Angeles, California.

Hostway web hosting has been around since 1998. Since its own beginnings, Hostway has managed to climb its way to being one of the top five leading web hosting companies around. HostReview recently awarded Hostway with the Top 10 Best Web Hosting honor in December of 2009.

Having been one of those web site owners who has had to constantly monitor and submit my own web site to the major players in the search engine game, I can appreciate the beauty and simplicity of this new service. I also happen to write quite a bit and have the unfortunate need to “get the word out” about my latest scribblings. On average, I spend at least an hour a day submitting my web site content, blog postings, and articles to heavy hitters such at Google and Yahoo. That time equates to money. And who wouldn’t want that money back?

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