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HP delivers innovative all-inclusive networking solutions

Hewlett-Packard, always at the forefront of technology solutions manufacturing, has announced its latest comprehensive edge-to-core networking portfolio, aiming to provide networks with higher speeds and lower energy costs through its own ProCurve technology combined with technology recently acquired from 3Com.

“Clients need a reduction in complexity, more efficiency and greater flexibility in their networking solutions. HP’s integrated networking portfolio challenges the status quo with more innovative technology that enables convergence across servers, storage and networking, at better economics to help clients deliver the outcomes that matter most to them.” – Marius Haas, head of HP Networking

In an announcement released yesterday the company outlined plans to expand its HP Networking portfolio, bringing together its existing technology with its new 3Com holdings to provide a network fabric that will allow for speeds up to twice as fast as existing networks while using only half of the energy currently used when compared with alternative network solutions.

Dubbed the HP Converged Infrastructure strategy, this latest effort from the well-known technology provider aims to drastically reduce the total cost of ownership where networks are concerned by eliminating redundant silos of storage servers, databases and network resources to create so-called “pools” of available resources to be utilized only when needed. With a focus on the complete network, HP will help its clients to create high-speed, high-security networks while removing unnecessary equipment and protocols, offering a true edge-to-core solution based on HP-installed wired and wireless environments.

HP cited an IDC report for many of its statistics concerning its new network capabilities, pointing out speeds up to twice as fast as conventional networks with a whopping 65 percent drop in total cost of ownership, a heading that takes into account both general technology and energy costs. Besides the obvious goal of cutting costs for its clients, HP is also looking to remove as much complication from the user experience as possible, integrating management applications directly from HP Networking in order to offer users an easy-to-navigate systems management interface.

Headed by former finance manager for HP Services Marius Haas, HP Networking will bring four new product families into the company’s fold, all aimed at addressing the specific requirements of their customers, including sales and support via more than 40,000 channel partners.

If the plans laid out by HP concerning their network technologies seem too good to be true, keep an eye on the company’s upcoming data center in Houston, Texas; this latest Hewlett-Packard facility will run exclusively on HP Networking products, giving potential clients an in-action look at the efficiency HP is promising to deliver.

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One comment for “HP delivers innovative all-inclusive networking solutions”

  1. Considering HP just dumped the PC division last week and all the swirling rumour about a hostile buy out, I will stay clear of HP for the foreseeable future!
    We at totally love HP’s server class offerings we use them exclusively as they are solid and reliable. But rumours of Oracle or Dell buying them out makes them quite unstable at the moment

    Posted by Greg | Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 5:16 pm

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